Slower Going Today

I’ve been left to my own devices this weekend. Old What’s Her Face had a trip planned to Nevada, but her Covid diagnosis put that off. She went back to work and rescheduled her trip this weekend.

That leaves me and the bulldogs, who are feeling pretty needy. I didn’t do anything last night, because it was Mandalorian night. I’m loving the story, but hating the cliff-hanger.

I needed to jump back to Lanternfish, since it’s falling behind the other book. I’m struggling to get my cons enough page time. I finally decided on a path, then pushed ahead.

The Palumbos might just have to get shorter chapters. I like to keep things about the same length, but their sections don’t involve cannonades and sword fights. They put on their shows and try to influence the outcomes. After that, I don’t want them standing around for the sake of page time.

After their short chapter, I returned to Tusconi and launched the refurbished Lanternfish. I may have to make a bigger deal of it and need time to think. Right now, the main characters watched it all from a carriage on a hilltop. They are trying to keep a few secrets, so I didn’t want the queen to break a bottle over the prow, since she’s the big secret.

I’m debating what to do with Mr. McCormack. He’s a quartermaster’s mate, but Fala is the real quartermaster. He also has a girlfriend in Tusconi, and they’ve been making plans. Taking him or leaving him would be realistic, but I’ll probably take him along.

I mention this, because Lanternfish has a lot of characters. Giving them all page time could water down the story to a degree. Most of them are supporting characters, but we assume they’re rigging sails, preparing meals, or swabbing decks somewhere.

This is why I stopped where I did. Dan and Fala are married, but will both make the voyage. Mule and Yoshiko are solidly together and will make the voyage. James will leave his wife behind. I might be able to do some contrasting things about the risk or benefit of leaving your loved one behind or bringing her along. Maybe – maybe not. I need to think about it.

In a way, this book is like writing multiple books all on its own. I have Serang’s story, the Palumbo’s story, and the Lanternfish story. That won’t last, and will come together at the end. Right now, I need to move the Lanternfish part ahead and it should get a larger portion of the pages. If I have to assign page time it would be Lanternfish >Serang>the Palumbos.

Word count wasn’t great, but I still have 1600 words I didn’t have last night. I have some fun stuff planned for the root monsters after they get underway. James will also have to try out the improvements to the ship which could be fun.

For now, it’s probably time to shift back to Lizzie and the hat. They have their own issues, because any clue gathering they get only comes once per month. I nearly have that worked out in my mind. It’s about time for the December full moon.


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26 responses to “Slower Going Today

  1. Feel like I should say congrats on the free and productive weekend.

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  2. Gwen M. Plano

    It’s been a slower day for me as well. The upcoming eclipse might stir things up a bit. 🙂

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  3. Sounds like an ideal time alone.

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  4. Nothing against my family, of course… but I could do with some alone time too…

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  5. A well planned weekend. I love both books and look forward to new adventures.

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  6. I find it difficult to write two stories at once, particularly when I’m managing a lot of plot lines. I think you’re doing great.

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  7. I love these personal glimpses into a writer’s mind and life. And even though you often poopoo your word count, I say it’s great to get 1600 words! Sounds like fun times in both books!

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  8. Some books are just more complicated than others and take more time. Sounds as though BOTH of your books have special plotting needs, so I think you’re doing great!

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  9. 1600 words is still 1600 words!! I’d take 6 words at the moment 😦

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  10. I’m a couple weeks behind on Mando. I have a Mando mask (not a mask like his, but that would be totally cool) that says “This is the way” with a picture of his helmet. People stare at me and I have to wonder if they’re fans and liking the mask or that I’m dictating the proper way to wear a mask.

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