Happy Thanksgiving

My wife has cleared quarantine. I, on the other hand, am being required to quarantine for two more weeks by my workplace. She actually had the virus and gets to return to work sooner.

Since everything seems to be clear here, our daughter came for Thanksgiving. Jackson came with her.

He’s about three years old now, and isn’t very big. Maybe my mom always had big cats. Not sure. Anyway, he’s pretty friendly and doesn’t put up with any crap from the dogs, so I kind of like him.

My daughter committed to giving me a haircut before she goes home, so I get that out of the deal.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. For those of you outside the USA I hope you have a wonderful day whatever you do.

Lisa Burton said to make sure you save room for dessert.


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33 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. That’s messed up that your wife – who was the one who actually got sick – is clear to go back to work before you. Well, at least your wife is OK, and you’re getting to see your daughter for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  2. So pleased your wife is better. It’s messed up that she’s back at work before you. Have a wonderful thanksgiving, Craig 🙂

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving. Glad to hear your wife cleared quarantine and your daughter is able to visit. Sorry you didn’t your freedom granted. Time to start digging a tunnel and keeping an eye out for the warden?

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  4. So glad your wife is past this and able to return to work. I’m wondering if with you, it’s because it can be difficult to pinpoint the date of exposure, since you had some folks at your job with COVID, I seem to remember. So maybe they aren’t sure when to start counting your exposure? At any rate, it’s a confused muddled mess in general, and none of it makes clear sense. I’m extra glad your wife had a milder case of it than many, and happy it seems the same may be true for my son-in-law. And super glad you are still fine.

    Speaking of you, nice picture! I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen you when not mostly hidden under a big hat, or the like. Glad your daughter could could come for Thanksgiving. And Jackson is cool! Pretty cat.

    Have a great day, Craig! See you on the other side! 🙂 👍

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  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Craig. Glad things are okay there.

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  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Craig! And stay healthy:)

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  7. I am really happy to know your wife has recovered, Craig. Two weeks passes quickly, I’ve been stuck at home for 7 months now.

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  8. tmauthor

    Happy TG to you and yours, Craig!

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  9. Glad all’s going well for you and the family. Happy Thanksgiving, and have some pie for me!

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  10. Happy Thanksgiving! I was offline all day. 🙂

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  11. Glad you wife is doing well, and you look pretty chipper in your photo with your buddy! I have had direct exposure in the clinic (I work Pediatric ENT) -so I am about an inch away from my patients’ faces – several of my patients have tested positive shortly after being in the clinic – no quarantine for me. It’s curious as to who gets quarantined.

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  12. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving

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  13. Jackson is adorable. Hope you had a good one, Craig!

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