Not much to report, but I’ll do my best

I planned to write this weekend, but Covid changed that for me. Old What’s Her Face was scheduled to work, but that didn’t happen. Oddly enough, it sounds like they want her back for her Thanksgiving shift. It appears you either get better in ten days or you die. We kind of hoped she would at least get the holiday off.

I had to make a trip to the office to drop off projects and pick up new ones. No idea how long my work will make me quarantine, but I tested negative and have zero symptoms. I’ll figure it all out in the coming week.

I even stopped on the way home to do the shopping. I knocked it out of the park. Years ago, I did the shopping, but that’s been a long time. You kind of instinctively know what you’re running low on, like laundry soap. Thank God for lists.

As far as writing, it was catch as catch can. I never really got specific times for my projects. I added a line here and there, and jumped between books to a degree.

I wrote another action scene for Serang, but stopped before the wrap up. She still needs to assess the battle and the location of specific things near her before moving her army.

Lizzie and the hat are also proving difficult. Lizzie hasn’t figured out there is a monster in their midst, and my old cop character is having no luck with his murder investigation. I wound up writing the next murder discovery, but forgot that Lizzie and the Pythons had to play a gig before the event.

I’ve never done this before, so I blame having too much on my mind. I’ll have to back up and add that event. The danger here is overkill. This was a two night gig, and this will be the second night. I need to spread some suspicions more than have the band rock out. Don’t quite know how I’m going to pull that off, but I need to minimize it since readers attended the Friday night show.

I’ve spent a lot of time counting calendar dates and comparing them to the lunar cycle. I don’t need a specific year when I do this. I hope the stories aren’t that limited in scope and have some longevity. I learned that the last possible day Thanksgiving can happen is November 28th. If the full moon occurs the weekend after (Because of gig schedules on weekends) this would be a blue moon.

This means my next full moon would be December 29th. Between the gig I need to back up and write and the December date, the cop should be chasing a possible killer and Lizzie should be chasing a monster. (No idea if that’s a weekend or not, but I almost hope not. Lizzie and the hat will need some freedom to hunt that night.

I picked this setting for a couple of reasons. First, all of the Hat stories seem to wrap up around Halloween and I want to break the mold a little. Second, blood on snow makes for a good visual. It stays red and doesn’t dry brown like blood on leaves. It also has to be washed away, leaving an ice slick, or loaded and carted off. With multiple victims, I can do both.

I may try to hack out a couple of paragraphs to repair my story this evening. Drives me nuts to have something in a state of disrepair like that.

The scorecard:

  • Wreck of the Lanternfish = 12,571 words
  • Just Plane Wered = 9098 words


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34 responses to “Not much to report, but I’ll do my best

  1. I hope you all are doing okay.

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  2. Good to hear you came up negative, but really sorry that your wife has to work on Thanksgiving. That ‘ten days’ thing seems to be fairly common around here too. Hope you can have more bright than dark spots this coming week.

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  3. Wow! You just started these, and you already have a great word count. I didn’t think about Lizzie’s story only having a murder every full moon, leaving you with thirty or thirty one days between each one. It will be interesting how you handle that.

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  4. Oh wow, Craig. I did knot know that COVID had hit you guys. I am so sorry and hope all is well soon! An interesting observation about snow and blood. I’ve never thought about it.

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  5. Two great word counts, Craig! Keeping you and your wife in my thoughts 🙂

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  6. That’s still a great word count. I have all sorts of sites bookmarked to check for the lunar cycles (including one that takes me back to the 1800s). I’ve learned about blue moons, black moons, blood moons, supermoons. You name it.

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  7. You’re doing great, especially considering the circumstances. And I think the blood visual on the snow is great.

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  8. Glad to hear you guys are doing well. Still envious of your word count – as usual.

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  9. Ooh, love the visual of blood on snow. Wishing you a nice Thanksgiving!

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  10. Glad your wife is doing well, though shame they aren’t letting her have the holidays off. Sounds like good progress on both stories, even if it’s maybe not as good as you’d hoped. Every little gets you closer to finishing them.

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  11. Good news that you’re both doing well. 🙂

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  12. Do you not really get so sick from Covid? Here, everyone acts as though it’s a death sentence to get Covid. It seems a lot less of a big deal over in the states?

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  13. You are killing the word count. Hoping all is well with your other half. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  14. You are writing up an absolute storm. It also bothers me when there is something I need to repair or change in a story. Drives me crazy too.

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