It’s been too long

I got to the writing cabin relatively early this morning. Lisa Burton met me at the door. She wore a tight knee-length khaki dress and a matching envelope cap.

“What’s with the outfit,” I asked.

“Veteran’s Day is next on the calendar. Things are still kind of boring out there, so I try to celebrate everything at home. You haven’t been out here in a while. What’s the occasion?”

“Nothing special. Just trying to keep the boredom away. I’ve been doing some storyboarding and looking for graphics. I have a lot of cool poster ideas for you as I write the next few books.”

“I’d love to go over your ideas. Maybe I can get some outfits ordered.”

I headed toward my office and turned on the lights. Lisa had placed sheets over everything, so I pulled them away and piled them in the corner. “Problem is that all the cool ideas are several books away from the ones I’m writing next. Things will have to come to me as I write those.”

“I’m sure you’ll come up with something. Maybe I can help.”

I walked down the hall to the paranormal office and threw the switch. A spark and hum revealed the same slip covers over all the furniture.

I thought as I pulled them all back. “I might be able to use that garrison cap in a story. Hang on to it.”

“For the hat?” she asked.

“Yeah, why not. I have a mission in a future story that will require him to be flat. Lizzie might come up with a performance outfit using it, too.”

“That seems worthy. I’ll keep it within easy reach. What are you working on today?”

“Nothing in particular, but I’m getting close.”

Lisa pushed me back to the main office and my desk chair. She moved the iPad in front of me. “I’ll get you some coffee. Maybe just relax and enjoy a fresh cup. See where it takes you.”

I sipped my coffee, then opened a new folder, created a blank document. A little copy and paste, and I’d created a title page and copyright data. I wrote one sentence, then another.

I knew in broad strokes what has to happen, but didn’t really plan a way to execute that. I worked on some dialog and it led toward the planned event. Might as well execute the plan and see what happens.

I dabbled, and backspaced my way along, not really expecting much. When I glanced down at the bottom of my document I’d written 3000 words. My jaw fell open.

Lisa had her own cup of coffee. She held it toward me. “Take all you can…”

I clinked her cup. “Give nothing back.”

Lisa snapped an open palm salute. “I I I I.”


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28 responses to “It’s been too long

  1. That’s a fantastic writing day, Craig. Doing a happy dance for you! 😁

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  2. And off we go. I liked the Root Monster reply from Lisa.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. ROOT MONSTERS! Nice to see you back at it.

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  4. I I I I Root monsters! Sounds like you had a great writing day!

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  5. Gwen M. Plano

    Fantastic, Craig! You’re on a roll…

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  6. Wow. Really has been a long time since you went to the cabin here. Good to see Lisa again.

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  7. Nice! You’ve been storing up ideas for a while now, and they all came together and gushed onto the paper. Congrats!

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  8. Wonderful! Nice to see Lisa again

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  9. Sounds like a productive day! I’m hoping for a day like that today, but we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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  10. Hahaha, love it. Only you could write a funny post about sitting down and writing!

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  11. Loved this so much! So glad you got a chance to sit down and write. 🙂

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  12. Sounds like an extremely productive trip to the writing cabin.

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  13. You and Lisa make a great team, Craig! 3,000 words is no joke, my friend. Good for you! Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. 😀 xo

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  14. So envious of your 3K – that would be a momentous day for me. I’d planned to do a little more yesterday, but got right around 1800 words.

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