Time for some changes

There hasn’t been anything too interesting going on around here lately. With all the Covid concerns, we work, then we stay home on weekends. It’s been fairly boring, to tell you the truth. Some of this isn’t likely to change any time soon.

We watched a few Halloween movies yesterday, but there wasn’t anything all that exciting. Honestly, there’s just been too damned much television this year. After saying that, I did enjoy the new episode of The Mandalorian.

Old What’s Her Face decided we weren’t going to give out Halloween candy. So, of course, she ran to the store at the last minute, bought a huge bag of candy, and welcomed kids anyway. We didn’t get too many, but we wore masks.

All of my touring is over for 2020. (It’s okay to cheer or breathe a sigh of relief. I feel the same way to a degree.) I like interacting with everyone on blog tours, but it’s a lot of work to come up with unique posts and to keep checking them for days after the posting day. I hope I interacted with everyone who commented, or at least liked the comment if it was directed toward my hosts.

I love all of my hosts. There were many of them over the course of three publications this year. I tried to give some of you a rest and not hit you for every book. Some wanted me to show up anyway. Hopefully, everyone is happy. Remember, I’m here for you whenever I can return the favors.

I really want to start drafting new materials. That’s my happy place. I’m being a little resistant, because I could use a breather. Also, I don’t know that I need three releases next year.

First priority is going to be getting the Lanternfish trilogy wrapped up. Then I want another story for Lizzie and the hat. Anything after that will be gravy. Even if it only comes to a partial draft, that works too.

Beyond that, welcome to Standard Time for those places who still change. Idaho floated a bill to leave us on Standard Time year round, but it failed last year. I have a hunch it will be back. The time changes never bothered me. My body just knows when it’s time, and it feels right today.

They say all blog posts perform better with a picture, so here’s one of Otto rocking out.

Stay safe everyone. Blogging is socially distant, so it’s okay to leave comments.


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28 responses to “Time for some changes

  1. Congrats on the blog tour. Sounds like you earned a break for the rest of the year too. Kind of with you on how not much is happening. The exciting stuff that is tends to be things I can’t talk about in a public forum, which is frustrating. Wonder if there’s a lesson to learn from all of this ‘nothing special’ time. Enjoy the small things in life? Smell the roses even though you’re wearing a mask? Binge-watching has its limits?

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  2. Bet you’re glad the blog tours are over. They’re always fun, but a lot of work. I’m waiting on your third Lanternfish. It’s a wrap-up for all the characters, and I’m curious what Serang is going to do after James retires from being a pirate. At least, I’m assuming he’s going to retire, and hopefully learn to make better wine:) You know, you could always make a recurring series with Serang…just saying….

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  3. I was more than ready for the time change. Now I won’t have to drive to work in the dark and kids won’t have to wait for the school buses before daylight. It’s dangerous for them.

    Congrats on finishing the tours. They’re fun but can be exhausting.

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  4. Otto looks happy with his tunes. 😁

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  5. D.L. Finn, Author

    I really wish we didn’t change the time. Nice picture of Otto enjoying some tunes.

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  6. For us essentially being housebound, I don’t seem to have time for anything. I did watch The Mandalorian. Loved that very last image of the episode. Pretty sure I lost a few years of my life during the Steelers game. At least we held on at the end. Wow.

    Otto looks adorable.

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  7. Writing’s always the best part. Glad you’re at the point where you can take a bit of a breather and then focus on that part for a while.

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  8. Blog tours are a lot of work. I enjoyed yours, but I don’t blame you for breathing a sigh of relief. Otto looks freakin’ adorable in those headphones! Hope you find your happy place again soon. The writer’s cave is so warm and inviting. I’m dyin’ to crawl back in, too. 🙂

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  9. Just watched the new episode of Mando today – loved it! I’m also a Timothy Olyphant fan (Justified is fantastic) so thrilled to see him and hope he’s not just on the one episode.

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  10. You sound like you could use a breather, for sure. And don’t sweat it if Halloween felt ‘off’ this year. Everything’s been ‘off’ this year. I doubt any of us will have much of a good Christmas either. Keep smiling, keep drafting!

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    • I will. It’s just been such an odd year. I remember how much hope it started with. Year of the Rat, my year, I published on the eve of the Chinese New Year. That book had rats in it. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I’ll start writing in a week or two.

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