Visiting with Judi Lynn

I’m visiting with Judi Lynn today. Our topic is weaving some recurring characters into my ongoing series. Stop over and say hello.

I want to welcome C.S. Boyack back to my blog. I love having him here. He’s a friend and fellow writer, and I’m a fan. This time, he’s promoting his latest book perfect for October reading, THE BALLAD OF MRS. MOLONY. This is the third book in his Lizzie and the Hat series, but it can easily stand on its own. I’ve downloaded it, and it’s next on my TBR list. I visit Craig’s blog many times, and he’s a contributor to Story Empire, offering valuable tips on all things writing. Please show him some love while he’s here. And with that, I’ll let Craig take it from here:


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4 responses to “Visiting with Judi Lynn

  1. Always enjoy having you stop in for a visit.

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  2. I’m impressed with your tenacious stream of published books, Craig, and am happy to report that yesterday I bought Mrs. Moloney. Am looking forward to hanging out with the gang. My best to you and your success.

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