Weekend at last

I’m starting of with a big old bomber sized bottle of my favorite pumpkin beer. Just look at that cool label.

We recently acquired a small deep freeze that we placed in the garage. It’s holding a goodly supply of meat, but the rack up top needed something. I used a mister bottle and frosted my beer mugs. I’m in heaven right now.

I really want to start writing again. I won’t, but I want to. I need to keep this blog tour moving. I’m moving a few copies here and there, and there are a few reviews showing up. Amazon seems to be the hold out. I’m finding some nice things on BookBub and Goodreads, so there’s that. The good news is people seem to be enjoying it. Don’t forget to grab your copy while it’s still 99¢.

The next Hat story is screaming at me, and I’m feeling the call of the sea and Lanternfish once more. I have a little conundrum in that some of my critique members have commitments coming up. Let’s be honest here, nobody is going to freak out if I don’t start drafting material until later this winter. Just because I want to, doesn’t mean have to.

I have next week all lined out for the blog tour. I’ll probably spend some time this weekend writing posts for the last week of October and contacting hosts. There is some reading I want to catch up with, too. I’ve done without my flex day for three weeks, due to work conflicts. Weekends just don’t allow for much more than that. My regular schedule will resume in November and might allow me to take on a bit more.

Wishing all of you a great weekend. Hopefully, with your own favorite beverage.


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26 responses to “Weekend at last

  1. Had to go back to Hoppidillo IPA. The store was out of Porter. (Do you believe that?) I have started the first Lanternfish and am enjoying it.

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  2. Grabbed a copy. Enjoy your weekend.

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  3. My sweet hub came home with a big bottle of pinot grigio for the weekend. We’re driving to Indy to see our kids on Sunday. Our daughter and her son and his wife live there, and our second grandson just got out of the marines and flew there. We’re pretty excited about seeing them all. They used to all live with us while they were growing up. BUT, if writing is starting to call you, I say Go For It! When words plead to me to put them on paper, I listen:)

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  4. Enjoy your weekend.

    I’ve got a guest post to finish putting together, and an interview to sort out. But, since I don’t have another job making it that I need to make use of weekends for writing related stuff, I’m trying to get in the habit of taking them off. I’ve got tea, some petkids who love attention, and plenty of things I want to watch and read, so I’m all set. 😉

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  5. That label is SO cool! Almost too cool to drink. 😉

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  6. Love that beer label, Craig! I’d buy it for that alone, and (gasp) I don’t even like beer. Never have. I’ll have to toast you with my Earl Grey. The Earl and I go a long, long way back, so it means something to me. 😀 And I’ve been meaning to tell you, I love your creepy new background. Where is this wretched looking place? I just KNOW there must be ghosts there!

    Good luck with whatever you do this weekend, and I’m sure when the time is really right for you to start your next story, you’ll know it. (That’s what I’m telling myself these days, as I haven’t had time to work on Riverbend 4 yet. But I WILL. Soon. I only worry because I don’t have as many writing years ahead of me as you young whippersnappers do! 😀

    Have a great weekend!

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  7. Hi, Craig. Wow! I would have to keep that bottle just for the label! In fact, I may visit the liquor store and see if they have it. I am not a beer drinker. I prefer white wine or grapefruit vodka, but I would buy this beer and try it just so I could keep the bottle. 🙂 I finished Mrs. Malony and will be posting my review today. A great Halloween read!

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  8. D.L. Finn, Author

    I love pumpkin everything. I’m going to try to make my own pumpkin ice cream.

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  9. I love that label. I’m not much of a craft beer person, but I think they have the coolest labels. It’s like looking at book covers! 🙂

    I was hoping to work on the WIP this weekend, but home projects took up most of my time. I did manage to write a response for Soooz Burke’s latest fiction prompt which I’ll be sharing tomorrow. I may even manage to write a blog post before the day is over.

    Right now, I’m thinking of a nice glass of wine!

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  10. Send your overabundant muse this way, would you!

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  11. I was just thinking how awesome that label was, and then you said it, lol. I’m with Jess – send your muse this way!

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  12. Heh, that is a very fierce label. : D

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  13. I’ve not seen a drink like that here. We don’t really have Halloween. What did you mean when you said that Amazon seems to be the hold out?

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