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I sent Lisa Burton to Jan’s place today. She’s handing out one of her best posters and talking about The Ballad of Mrs. Molony. Jan is a super supporter of independent authors, and is someone you should get to know. She’s a fabulous author, and runs an interesting blog that occasionally includes insights to the music world.

Writing and Music

I am super excited to turn my blog over to C.S. Boyack’s personal assistant and robot girl, Lisa Burton, today and let her tell you about his brand new release – another Lizzie and The Hat adventure!

Oh my gosh, Jan. It’s so nice to be here. This is a place I always wanted to visit, and promo for this book is perfect. This is the third book in The Hat Series, and this time it involves the country music scene.

Lizzie and the hat are on the trail of two vampires. They’ve kidnapped this poor woman and are feeding off her like some kind of milk cow. Before joining the ranks of the undead, they were team ropers. Turns out old habits die hard.

The rodeo circuit, and country folks in general, aren’t immune to a good party. This provides a fertile hunting ground for these particular vampires. At…

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