The Ballad of Mrs. Molony

Lisa Burton is visiting with Vashti today. She’s talking about my characters and handing out one of her posters. Stop over and check it out. While you’re there, surf around Vashti’s site. She’s a super supporter of the indie community and has a few books that might also hit your Halloween reading list.

The Writer Next Door | Vashti Q

Hi, everyone! Today’s guest is no stranger to this blog. I’ve featured C. S. Boyack and his work several times. Craig is a prolific speculative fiction author, and I enjoy his writing style and quirky characters. I’ve read his book ‘The Hat’ and enjoyed it very much. You can read my review here. His personal assistant, robot girl and spokes model, Lisa will introduce us to his latest work. Without further ado here’s Lisa Burton.

Gosh, thanks, for the invitation Vashti. It’s been so hard getting out with all the troubles going on lately. I’m here to promote Craig’s new book, The Ballad of Mrs. Molony. This is the third one in The Hat series, but don’t let that scare you off. He worked pretty hard so readers wouldn’t absolutely have to read them in order. People can start right here and have a good time.

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9 responses to “The Ballad of Mrs. Molony

  1. Craig, I left you a comment on Vashti’s blog, but it’s moderated. In case I’ve fallen into her spam folder, I wanted you to know how much I’m lovin’ The Hat. The banter between The Hat and Lizzie is hilarious! I stormed through the first half this morning (right after their visit to the witch), and can’t wait to get back to it after work today.

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  2. Thanks for the super introduction, Craig. It’s my pleasure to feature you and your work on my blog. ❤

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