Sunday update

Old What’s Her Face just called from the freeway. She went to Nevada to visit her brother for the weekend. There is a huge construction delay just outside Boise, but she’s nearly home.

Normally, this would be great writing time for me, but I’ve sworn off of new words for a while longer. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been working.

I have a bit of a conundrum involving the publication of my next book. I want to announce it as part of a larger promo on October first. To do that, I need an actual purchase link. I’m off on Wednesday next week, but that’s September 30th. It sounds perfect, but Amazon doesn’t play that way. They can have up to a 72 hour lag time to put a book on their shelves.

This left me no choice but to publish it this afternoon. I need to guarantee the book’s availability on October first. It could be available when you read this, or it could take a day or two. Out of my control.

If nothing else, it allows me to concentrate on lining up some hosts to take this one out on tour. It’s called The Ballad of Mrs. Molony, and it’s a new caper for Lizzie and The Hat. Just in time for the Halloween season.

I also managed to write and schedule my next post on Story Empire. I thought I had a week, but I checked and it’s all set. Then I scheduled one post for this site on September 30th. Aside from that, I changed the wallpaper to something more Halloween related and updated my banner in anticipation of the new book release.

Beyond that, I finished binge watching a show called The Order. Very CW kind of thing, but fun with witches and werewolves. I also made some heavy progress on reading the anthology I appear in.

Not a bad weekend at all. I made some progress on the author front, got to watch what I want on television, and even functioned as a blogger.

I also ate a bunch of Asian pears and it’s about time to visit the tree again. Hope all of you are staying safe, and had some fun times yourself.


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31 responses to “Sunday update

  1. Congrats on publishing. I keep forgetting that amazon has delays of availability at times.

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  2. Congrats on hitting the publishing button. As soon as I finish this comment, I’m headed to Amazon to see if The Ballad of Mrs. Molony is available for purchase.You know my blog is always open to you for promo. LMK if I can help.

    I managed a flash fic blog post this weekend (going live tomorrow) and a polish to my latest WIP chapter. Lots of housework otherwise, and I did catch up on a few Netflix series I follow. Overall not a bad weekend.

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  3. It’s live! I just bought it 🙂

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  4. Gwen M. Plano

    Congrats, Craig. I have my copy and am looking forward to the read! My weekend sounds boring next to yours, but it was pleasantly boring. 😀

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  5. I noticed the new wallpaper right away. Good job. I’m on vacation (staycation) this week. Hope to churn out some words. Worked on edits for a short story and sent something to my critique partners. Ready to get that one behind me.

    Looking forward to Mrs. Maloney.

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  6. Congratulations on your next book, Craig.

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  7. I wish you could pick your publishing date on Amazon, too. I’ve had the same experience you had–some go up a few hours later and some take the full 72 hours. And I’d be happy to host your new book if you need more volunteers.

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  8. Fun blog wallpaper, and I love the new banner! Best of luck with this latest book, Craig. I have some catching up to do on my reading, lols. 🙂

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  9. I meant to watch The Order when it came out, but then forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder. Congrats on the book!

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  10. Sounds like a very productive day.

    I make use of Amazon’s pre-order option to give them time to potentially mess me about with how long they’re going to take with approving the book for sale, which allows me to still officially release the book on the day I want. Of course, it then goes live at different times within the 24 hour period depending on the Amazon in question, with some listing the day before as the official release date, but at least it’s then essentially when I wanted it released. Besides, even when you do for immediate release that different dates thing can happen, because of timezones.

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  11. That 72-hour window makes things rough. Glad you got it sorted out in time. And glad you got to watch what you wanted. Sounds like a nice weekend, all in all.

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  12. Congratulations, Craig! My blog is open to guests anytime! Thursdays work best for those. Just let me know. I look forward to reading another Lizzie and The Hat caper!

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  13. Missed this post earlier. Sorry! Sundays are for football. 😊 My blog is always available to you when you need added exposure. Research behind the story guest post? Just let me know!

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  14. I’m late to the party, Craig, but woohoo!! I’ll be keeping my eye out for Mrs Moloney 🙂
    Let me know if you want a book launch post – me casa and all that 😉

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