I owe you a post

During my downtime, there hasn’t been a lot to blog about. I’ve worked on promo and shared that here. The one time we got to go out I shared that with you. Sometimes life is just boring.

I paid the bills this morning and we’re already broke. That isn’t anything new around here. The skies have been so smokey it even affects my voice. Even the dogs are snotty right now.

We were promised rain, but only got around three drops. There was lightning, but it didn’t cause any problems in my locale.

I’m still trotting out the Friday teasers. Only one Friday left in September, then it’s time to publish. I’m hoping my last new Lisa Burton poster arrives in time, but if it doesn’t I’ll trot out an older Lisa poster along with a fun song.

I have a few blog things I need to finalize, or start, for appearances elsewhere. The first one involves getting a link to my new book. Timing is going to be important on this one.

Ultimately, I’ll start asking people to host me along the promotion trail, but not yet. I’ve fallen into the habit of writing tour posts as needed. Back when I pre-wrote a bunch of tour posts I also tended to get even more aggressive with my tours. This is both good and bad. It runs me ragged, but I may accomplish more, too. This time, it’s going to be the more leisurely couple of posts per week, and I can write them as needed. Some hosts have specific interested on their blogs and I can address those this way.

I failed on my reading goals this weekend. I feel bad about it, but our daughter came for a visit. Family comes first, now and always.

Old What’s Her Face is going to Nevada next weekend. That leaves me to watch the dogs, and there should be plenty of reading opportunities. I added an index card to one of my storyboards. That one is years down the road, but the board is coming along nicely.

Honestly, not a lot of interesting stuff happening right now. I’m okay with it, and kind of enjoying it if I’m being honest. Promo will start up soon, then I’ll start drafting a new book and things will pick up around here once more.

I hope you’re all being safe out there. Every corner of the country seems to have some kind of crap to deal with right now, and that’s beyond the universal crap of C-19.


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32 responses to “I owe you a post

  1. You might become the new launch king. This will be the third in three months, won’t it?

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  2. Gwen M. Plano

    It does seem like there’s “crap to deal with” in all parts of the world. My four are in the NYC area and if that weren’t bad enough, they have small Mexican restaurants. On the other coast, all my sibs and their families are struggling with fires, smoke, and plenty of fear. It’s a year like none other. Take good care of yourself, Craig.

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  3. Totally agree with that last part. Feels like every area has a big drama unfolding on top of the national stuff. Can we just hibernate for the rest of the year?

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  4. D.L. Finn, Author

    Glad the lightening didn’t cause any issues for you. I’m finding boring is good right now.

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  5. Hoping those smokey skies clear out soon and you get some good breathing weather again. My area is actually clear of most everything and has been for some time (I almost fear saying that).
    Stay safe out there!

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  6. It doesn’t seem as though you’ve had that much down time since you’ve been storyboarding and promoting. I consider all of that part of writing, so glad you get to enjoy any downtime you’ve had. And good luck with the smoke. Other than Covid, Indiana’s stayed in pretty good shape. Fingers crossed it stays that way. For a long time:)

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  7. You sure stay busy in your downtime, Craig. Hope you get some rain and the skies clear.

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  8. Sounds like some good down time. I’m glad you enjoyed your daughter’s company 😊

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  9. Sometimes ‘boring’ can be a blessed relief. You are so right about family. They come first every time! I will be up for helping promote the new work when you are ready. Hopefully, the smoke will go away soon and you can breathe a little easier!

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  10. Ugh. My reading has waned a lot recently, too. But I just completed my manuscript, so I’m hoping that changes. Please stay safe. That smoke looks nasty on the news.

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  11. Yes, family comes first. Plus, sometimes downtime is a good thing. Stay safe. Oh, and feel free to call on me if you need a promo slot for the new book. I’ll be buying a copy when it’s out.

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  12. Your week sounds like all of my weeks, Craig, except that we’re finally out of the smoke (wind change). Good luck with your tour. They are exhausting and a leisurely pace sounds pretty good about now. Wishing you some rain and a productive week.

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