Guest Post with C.S. Boyack – Murder They Wrote

I’m over at John Howell’s place today. The topic is the anthology I contributed to, Murder They Wrote. I’m discussing the character of my story, Jason Fogg. Come on over and say, hi. While you’re there, John has a new book out that you ought to explore.

Fiction Favorites

I’m pleased to have Craig Boyack with me today. He is here to discuss a new anthology project in which he participated. Most of you know Craig and his entertaining books and now he has joined seven other authors to bring a variety of stories to their readers. So Craig, tell us about it.

Thanks for having me back again, John. I’m here to talk about a project I got involved in during the early Spring. I was asked to submit a story to a murder anthology. I was approached, because they wanted to include a science fiction author.

I write across a broad spectrum of speculative fields, but I’m no stranger to science fiction, so I accepted. The problem was, I was right in the middle of drafting two novels that I wanted published this year. There was a bit of a time crunch.

Jason Fogg to the rescue:

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5 responses to “Guest Post with C.S. Boyack – Murder They Wrote

  1. Nice share. Best wishes on the book.

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  2. Had a fun day with the grandkids yesterday, then football. 😉 Heading there now…

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  3. I am looking forward to diving into these stories, Craig!

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