Time for our weekly teaser

I suppose nearly any of my books might loosely fit into the Halloween theme. I’m still hoping to publish one on October 1st. At the time of this writing, I got a peek at the formatted manuscript and identified a few glitches. It’s all progressing according to the schedule.

For this little teaser, turn up your speakers, and enjoy the all-star assembly. Check out the Lisa Burton poster to get some ideas about what Halloween means at Entertaining Stories. Have fun.


Lisa Burton


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25 responses to “Time for our weekly teaser

  1. Good luck with the new book, Craig. From the video, it sounds like it’s going to be a fun one! 🙂

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  2. It wouldn’t be the publishing industry without a few glitches. I have no doubt you’ll hit your release target, though. Best wishes.

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  3. And now Chuck Berry has left us, Linda Ronstadt has Parkinson’s and can no longer perform, and Keith Richards looks like 100 miles of rough road.

    Best of luck on the target date.

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  4. Nice Lisa poster! Fingers crossed on the target date.

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  5. Good luck, Craig! It sounds like things are progressing, even with your complications:)

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  6. Woo-hoo! Excellent gem of a song, Craig. What a wonderful quartet of stars, cranking out their great spirit and high energy. If this is a teaser, you have a rockin’ story ready to burst. Liked the poster too, very fun. Best wishes in the days ahead, my friend.

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  7. D.L. Finn, Author

    Fun video. Congrats on upcoming release.

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  8. Wow. My throat hurts just listening to her belt out that song. 😀

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  9. Omg that poster 😜
    Fingers crossed you make your planned October 1st release!

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