Wildlife rescue

Found this little guy scurrying to get away from the weed whacker. I rescued him and moved him to the front yard where it’s shady and damp.

He was so cute chirping at me. He made my wife scream when he wiggled, but she still managed to take this picture for all of you.

I wish I had thought to take a picture of his back. That toad skin would make great cover “leather” if I ever get around to writing a third Experimental Notebook. It’s probably something I can Google for Sean if I get around to more short stories.

Hope everyone who had a holiday got to enjoy it somehow. I hope the rest of you had a great day even without a holiday.


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35 responses to “Wildlife rescue

  1. He looks tired and slightly annoyed. Good that he didn’t get hurt.

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  2. He’s so cool. I always had a fondness for toads and frogs. Harmless snakes, too.
    That’s a great photo.

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  3. D.L. Finn, Author

    Cute little guy. I love finding them in the yard.

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  4. He’s a cute little guy. Glad you rescued him.

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  5. Nice toad. We have one who stops by now and then.

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  6. You are really brave and I agree with your wife as for me the sight of a road or frog makes me shriek. Though he is cute, some what smiling. That’s what his face appear to me.

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  7. He’s a handsome specimen! I have a fondness for frogs and toads – I find them in our pool all the time: some really big Rana pipiens and some tiny little tree toads about the size of the end of my thumb. I rescue them all, of course!

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  8. We had one toad who lived in my flower bed for years, but I never see him anymore. Not sure if he left or is no more. I hear tree frogs but never see them. Yours is cute!

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  9. Looks a bit like a cane toad; the scourge of Queensland.

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  10. You must be quick to see him and catch him. Thank you for sharing, Craig.

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  11. Glad you spotted him in time to get him to safety.

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  12. Maybe he’ll like his new damp home and you can find and snap a pic. It was nice of you to rescue him.

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  13. Thank you for rescuing him 😊

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  14. Eek. I’m so late. Adorable little guy!

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  15. Late to the party, but I’m so glad you rescued this guy. They are valuable allies in the yard and garden, and besides … how can you resist a face like that? He looks like Mr. Magoo! 😀

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