Road trip

This post has kind of a weird origin. We had enough money to replace the fence this summer and it turned out great. A frequent topic around here involved what to do with the rest.

About then, Old What’s Her Face’s iPad decided to go to iHeaven. In this modern era, we live on our devices, so she ordered a replacement.

Turns out, the new iPad is hard to come by. All the Apple stores appear to be closed, and her order was weeks out.

About this time, I decided to have an accident with my iPhone that destroyed it. I posted about this last week sometime. A few clicks at ATT and I had a new phone in hand in one day. This added fuel to my wife’s fire. You don’t want this woman fired up.

She went on a mad search of every store she could find, and there isn’t a single new iPad in our area. Not to be deterred, she took her quest online. Nobody seemed to have one and they refused to ship, if they did.

Lo and behold, there was one at a store in Logan, Utah. That’s only about 4 1/2 hours away, no big deal, right?

I was less than thrilled, but something sparked inside me. It’s been six months since we had date night. A long road trip isn’t exactly date night, but it would take us out of the house and we’d get to be together.

I insisted the dogs had to stay home. It was predicted to be over 100 degrees, and met all those expectations. They stayed home with our son, and we roused ourselves at 4:00 AM.

It was basically a long drive across the desert, but we hung out, we talked, and kind of enjoyed ourselves. The store itself only took about ten minutes.

My wife spent some time on her phone checking out eateries in Logan. We decided on one that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

It met all the criteria and was pretty much a dive. Right down to the table that wobbled. Masks were in abundance, and we grabbed a booth away from other folks. This place had Cajun food (In Utah), but it was wonderful. I had a shrimp Po-boy and we shared a basket of gator bites. My side was some of the best red beans & rice I’ve ever had. Then we faced the long ride home.

Once we got to the Treasure Valley it was like fog across the city. It was so thick even visibility was down, but it has to be smoke from some distant forest fires.

She spent the evening setting up her iPad and is thrilled. We didn’t kill each other, and managed to have a good time.

This morning, the sunrise was pretty colorful due to the smoke in the air. My Asian pears looked like balls of fiery gold in the rising sun. This isn’t possible, because they’re green even when ripe. I’ve been testing them for a couple of weeks, but today the slight bitterness from the peels is gone. I’m about to be overwhelmed by mountains of Asian pears. They’re expensive at the stores, so I won’t complain.

I spent a big part of my morning noshing on pears and reading blogs. When you take a day away you tend to fall behind. I read everything, but most of you only got a like and a tweet. I’m usually more interactive, but I wanted to climb out of the hole.


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36 responses to “Road trip

  1. Sounds like a good time. Enjoy those pears for sure.

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  2. I’m jealous. I love shrimp po’boys. Hard to find good ones here. Taking a day trip together is lots of fun. HH and I took Friday afternoon to take off to some outlet stores together just to get out of the house and spend time with each other. Glad you and your wife had a good day, got her phone, and had a great meal. And didn’t kill each other:)

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  3. Sounds like a big adventure. Is the smoke from the fires in California?

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  4. D.L. Finn, Author

    Sounds like a fun road trip. I guess the smoke is everywhere. It’s a strange orange glow here and we can’t go outside. The pears sound yummy and glad you were able to get the new electronic you wanted:)

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  5. Overall, sounds like a good trip. This is terrible to say but I’ve only been out of our county once or twice in six months! As I said on John’s blog earlier, going out to eat isn’t fun these days. A shrimp po boy sounds wonderful!

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  6. Sounds like a productive trip, and probably good for your soul(s) as well. I know me and husband are in dire need of doing something similar. It’s been months since we got out of town. Old What’s Her Face sounds like my kind of woman 😊

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  7. Sounds like a great road-trip together, Craig. 🙂

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  8. I’d read there was a shortage of computers, but didn’t even think about ipads. Glad she was able to find one. We love watching DD&D – glad the food lived up to it.

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  9. Sounds like a fun road trip. Happy Labor Day!

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  10. Sounds like a productive trip, and a reasonably good one too. Glad she’s happy with her new iPad, and you guys got to spend some time together.

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  11. Sounds like a very good time had! The food sounds tasty….

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  12. I love road trips, no matter where they go! I had a strong urge to go somewhere today to get away from the city, but alas, my plans didn’t work out. Maybe soon. So glad you and your wife had a good time AND she got her new device! Cool stuff, including the food!

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  13. I’m behind on blogs every single weekend and this one is worse because of the holiday, but I catch up with those I can. It sounds like you had a fun excursion with your wife. I’ve always liked road trips. You’re a fab hubby for undertaking that journey for her to get a new iPad.
    Enjoy those pears 🙂

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  14. I took the weekend off and am now climbing out of the aforementioned hole. Glad you had a nice trip.

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  15. A unique twist on a ‘long-distance’ relationship! : )

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