Kicking it into Overdrive

It’s September now. The best month of the year is just over the horizon. I can taste the pumpkin spice in my beer, and detect the crispness of the occasional morning. We’ll still dabble with the occasional 100 degree temperature, but October will be here before we know it.

It’s been my favorite since I was a small child. All the spooky Halloween oriented things. The changing colors, I love all of it.

Late summer was busy. It seems like Lanternfish sailed all over the world in the last month. We visited a lot of old friends and managed to get Lisa Burton out of the writing cabin. I’m hoping that my free promotion of the first book will walk some new readers into this series. It’s time to send the ship to dry dock now. She has holes to patch and barnacles to scrape before I take her back out for her last cruise.

I’m going to be popping up here and there this month to promote Murder They Wrote. This is an anthology of seven different short stories with a theme of murder. My character, Jason Fogg, is a private detective on the trail in my story.

I’ll be on the lookout for review posts. With Lanternfish’s free days, plus the new book, plus the anthology, one or two could pop up. If I find them, I’l try to share them here.

You might be thinking, Craig’s had a busy year. He’s probably going to relax for a while. That’s just not the case this year. I try to have a Halloween themed promo of some kind every year, and 2020 be damned, I’m doing it this year, too. I have another book I hope to release on October first. I only have part of my promotional artwork, but I have a cool cover. I’m sure the rest of the art will arrive in time. I don’t even have the formatted MS back, but it will be here.

I decided to post some teasers this month. Simple, visual and auditory at the same time. With this post, I’ve officially promoted three new books in one week. Take that 2020. Check it out. Are you teased? Are you intrigued?

Lisa Burton


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30 responses to “Kicking it into Overdrive

  1. Looking forward to your October posts. Always a highlight. Congrats on ‘Lanternfish’ doing well.

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  2. Whoa! You’re going all out this year. Hope you have a snowball effect and your sales just keep getting bigger and bigger.

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  3. Another ‘Hat’ story????? Fingers crossed 🙂

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  4. You go for it, Craig! Hope this month and next month go well for you. I’ll be enjoying the posts and books, I’m sure 🙂

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  5. Funny how we just seem to get busier. You’ve had a banner year, and I wish you continued success.

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  6. 2020 needs a kick in the butt and you’ve done a great job at that. Best of luck on the upcoming release.

    October is my favorite month as well. 🙂

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  7. I’m all for fall – so ready for it. I’m with Jess – another Hat story!

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  8. Nice to see someone kicking 2020’s butt for a change. Go you!

    I agree this is the best time of the year. October has Halloween, and November is my birthday month, so I love those months for those reasons. But I also love these next six months in general, because I’m a cold weather person, love snow, and enjoy listening to storms, and October through March are my best chances of cold weather, storms, and maybe even snow.

    By the way, I think you’ve seen the tweets for most of them, but I’ve been sharing around all the promo posts I’ve seen. Also, I know you saw my review for Lanternfish on Goodreads, but did you see the version on my blog last week? Oh, and though I have yet to read and review it, I grabbed a copy of the anthology when I was checking out the post about it the other day. It will make a nice addition to my Halloween reading list, along with Lizzie and The Hat’s new book…

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  9. Can’t wait! And October really is the best month.

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  10. You’re kicking a$$ and taking names, Craig! Love it. Write on! Looking forward to your October posts.

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  11. You had a great 2020 when it came to writing. 2020 sucked in so many ways for so many of us. Glad to see someone kicking butt!

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    • Writing, yes. If only some sales would show up, I wouldn’t complain. Some fun stories this year if folks give them a chance. Probably won’t take up the keyboard for a while after the October season.


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