Murder They Wrote #Anthology #Murder

I’m visiting with Gwen Plano today. The topic is the anthology I contributed to, and my character, Jason Fogg. Stop over and meet this amazing author.

Summer is slowly slipping away, but at least in the Midwest, family pools still offer a welcomed escape from the heat. If you’re searching for a good poolside book, I have one for you. It is a collection of short stories by seven writers, each using a different genre for their story. Murder They Wrote features award-winning authors and edge-of-the-seat dramas.

One of the writers, C.S. Boyack, is a friend from Idaho. His stories always bring a smile, because in his paranormal world, anything is possible. Even unlikely creatures such as a yak, speak. Really? Yes, really. And, to top it off, he writes great stories. Craig visits with us today to tell us about the anthology. Let’s see what he has to say.​

Thanks, Gwen. I believe this is my first appearance here, and I’m excited about it. My door is always open to you if you ever want to spread the word about one of your projects.

​Today, my topic is an anthology called Murder They Wrote. Seven fabulous authors contributed a short story, and I’m honored to stand among them. Keep reading here.


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16 responses to “Murder They Wrote #Anthology #Murder

  1. Went there. Got the shirt. Congratulations, Craig

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  2. Nice, Craig. I really liked the speaking yak too. That’s my favourite of your books that I’ve read.

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  3. Lovely post over there, Craig. Been there. Got the t-shirt! 🙂

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  4. Gwen M. Plano

    It’s been great fun hosting you, Craig. I’m happy to do so anytime!

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  5. Cool! Congratulations, Craig! You’re on fire. I’m heading over to Gwen’s blog. 😀 xo

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