A very busy flex day

Today is my flex day, and it started out in a way I’m not a fan of. I had to get a hole drilled in my head. I probably need more holes, but this one involved filling a tooth the dentist had been watching for a decade. He also removed an old filling, replaced it, and fixed a chipped tooth I’ve had for about four years. None of that was a real problem.

Deep cleaning was a problem and hurt like hell. Then the lady only did one side, as if I’ll ever go back and do the other side. She doesn’t know me very well. Old What’s Her Face pointed out that I’ve never been in for tooth cleaning in the 30 plus years we’ve been together. I don’t see the point. In my case, there is no gum decay and no bone loss. I’m not saying it isn’t a valid procedure, but I just don’t seem to require it.

I wrote and sent out the last two posts for my Lanternfish tour. I planned on ending it in August, but it will carry into the first week of September.

I managed to play two rounds of pumpkin ball today. One at mid-day and one after supper. They’re still crazy about these things.

Tonight, I paid the invoice for formatting The Ballad of Mrs. Molony. This one is coming in October, and makes for a good Halloween themed push for me. October has always been good to me, so hoping I can keep some of that magic flowing.

Then I got an email that said Murder They Wrote is now available in the book store. I knew this was coming, but it looks like I’ll be doing promo into September this year. It could have been worse. At least it doesn’t overlap Lanternfish and Mrs. Molony. It will fit right in the middle.

Seven great authors came together to produce this anthology, and I’m proud to be included. That image up above is a purchase link if you want to get in early.

I was invited because they wanted a science fiction author involved. This posed kind of a conundrum, because I was right in the middle of drafting both Mrs. Molony and HMS Lanternfish. I actually had a character who could stand in perfectly.

Jason Fogg has been with me since my trunk novel days. He first appeared in public as a short story character, earned a second short in my second collection, then became a player in the novel Viral Blues.

Jason returns to short stories in Murder They Wrote. He also returns to his first person POV style. I don’t want to say too much here, because I have promo posts to write. This is just a first strike as part of my busy flex day.

I actually took vacation time tomorrow. I anticipated sore gums and wanted a day to kick back, maybe do some reading. Old What’s Her Face struck like a viper and now I have to take Frankie in for one of her vaccinations.

Sounds cute right? Dad and his girl going to the vet for something that isn’t an emergency. In reality it’s more like a cage match. She doesn’t like her harness. Doesn’t like riding in the car, and doesn’t like going to the vet.

Catch you guys later. I might be able to write some Jason Fogg promo posts before I go to bed tonight.


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39 responses to “A very busy flex day

  1. Gwen M. Plano

    Any day that includes the dentist is not a fun day. But going to the dentist for multiple reasons in one day is, well, the pits. I hope you have a drink in hand now and are watching a favorite movie. 🙂

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  2. Bummer. Sorry your day off isn’t.
    Since it’s August, Sadie is in her itchiest month and she’s been gnawing on herself. I am seriously considering The Cone.
    I haven’t had the deep cleaning yet. My husband has and said no big deal. My friends who have said OMG OW. One of them told me the secret to avoiding them is flossing, and man do I floss like a mofo. I hate dental work.

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  3. Having a bad visit at the dentist messes up the whole day. Not what you wanted to do today. I hope you’re feeling better.
    I’m one of those people who goes twice a year for cleanings. My insurance covers it so I always take advantage.
    Looks like I need to get busy with promo posts for Murder They Wrote, too. Wow, where did the time go?

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  4. Glad you said “yes” to the anthology. I love your story! I have crappy teeth, so I’ve always dreaded seeing my dentist. Too many times, something needs fixed. Hope the visit to the vet tomorrow goes better. Good luck!

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  5. Deep cleaning was always agony. Hated it because of my tooth sensitivity. Always had weak gums too, which didn’t help. Good luck with tomorrow’s wrestling match.

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  6. I go for teeth cleaning every year. It is because they are so horrible that I decided to have braces put on my teeth to straighten them. The pain was only going to get worse and, as you age, your jaw shrinks and your tooth problems get worse. I’ve had the braces for 15 months now and I am very impressed by the improvement. I hope today goes well for you.

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  7. Another one for my TBR (Murder They Wrote).
    Ugh, I had a teeth cleaning once. And once was enough. Now I only go if I have obvious pain or a tooth is falling out or something. Wimpy? Maybe.

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    • Mine is as much a time issue as anything else. The dentist and I set this up as a one day thing. The hygienist decided to make me come in twice instead. You can see from my post that time isn’t something I have in abundance.

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  8. Glad the new collection is out, and you can fit promoting it in between your two novels.

    I didn’t used to mind dentists, but after one dentist decided not to wait for the numbing injection to kick in properly and forced me to stay still while he drilled in my mouth without me being numb, I’m not so relaxed about them. Actually, I get tense enough that the injection can’t kick in so well any more (because it works best if you relax, otherwise your body fights it too well) so they have to send me to the hospital to have anything done, because the dentist can’t legally give me the amount of the injection it takes to get past the tension from my anxiety.

    Hope the vet trip went well. My dogs love the vet. Our vet finds it amusing how everyone else’s dogs are pulling to get out, and having to be dragged or carried to the examination room, but mine are pulling to get in, and are so eager to have their turn in the examination room that they can be relied on to get me there without the vet having to come over and guide me. If they’ll get attention that’s good enough for them… They even take their wormer pills like treats, and enjoy baths. Crazy dogs!

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  9. Sorry you had such a bumpy day, Craig. Good news on the three new books Lanternfish, Mrs Maloney, and Murder They Wrote! I detest the dentist visits every time, even though I usually need little doing. Sometimes, I swear that sadists apply for those jobs, lols! (Only joking, dear dentists!) Tee he hee 🙂

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  10. I’ve never had a cavity, so I can’t imagine the pain. And my dogs love the car, so I can’t imagine your struggles to get to the vet. Hope you’re feeling better and Frankie doesn’t fight too hard.

    Congratulations on the release. Happy to shout to the rooftops for you.

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  11. I do not like the dentist at all. Deep cleanings are not my favorite either. At my age, I think my teeth are going to outlast me so anytime I can avoid that trip I do. I just canceled a visit using COVID as an excuse. Set up a January appointment. Here’s to you getting better. Congrats on the book. It is official. You are on a book a month plan. I just knew it. I hope Frankie has an easy time at the vet. I don’t think I would like to go there either.

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  12. You’re lucky not to have needed a crown. I’m the proud owner of eight. 🙂

    Just bought my copy of Murder They Wrote.

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  13. Today’s my day at the dentist – replacing a chipped filling. I hate being numb for hours after. Excited about the anthology and hanging with Jason again!

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  14. “I love going to the dentist,” said NOONE EVER! 🙂 How cool that the anthology is out. You are a very busy guy! It sounds like Frankie likes the vet as much as you like the dentist. 🙂

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  15. Even if you didn’t like your flex day, it was productive.

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