Saturday goings on

I bounced around a lot today. I wrote one blog tour post, and need one more. My schedule is all taken care of next week, but I want to get ahead of the following one. If I can get one more written, then I will ask a couple of folks about their availability.

Honestly, doing it this way is less stressful than trying to pre-write everything. A couple of stops per week is also easier to keep up with. I enjoy chatting with everyone along the way and it isn’t like trying to cover too many bases at once.

I pulled down my portable generators and am running them in the garage. They haven’t been started for a long time and it’s good for them. It’s also better than learning in the field if I’m not going to have air conditioning in the camper. Bulldog lives are at stake here. One of them only seems to work if I use the choke. That’s not a good sign. I’m thinking maybe a bit of STP or something might help. Open to suggestions if you have a trick.

Speaking of bulldogs, it’s pumpkin ball season again. This has always been Otto’s favorite toy of all time. They seem cheaper this year than previous years. The old ones used to have a flasher in them and were made from a more durable plastic. They’d squeak and flash as he played with them.

Here’s a photo of him with one of the older kinds.

He and Frankie went ballistic when they came out of the bag today. They were both bouncing off the walls. We’ll probably play with them again after supper. It appears she likes pumpkin ball too.

Can pumpkin beer season be far off?

I have all my corny graphics inserted into The Ballad of Mrs. Molony. I’m one title page and some Copyright data away from sending it to my formatter. Shooting for an October 1st release on this one.

Then I spent some time with the Muse. For some reason she’s sent me some great ideas for a Space Opera. I don’t think I write them particularly well, but I’m keeping notes at this stage. I’ve matured over the years and it might be time to try it again. It hasn’t earned a storyboard yet, but it has me thinking.

I already have a bunch of storyboards I can start writing on when winter rolls around. Sometimes a board takes years to mature, and this concept could be one of those.

Hope all of you are having a good weekend. Tell me what you’re up to, and stay safe.


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40 responses to “Saturday goings on

  1. Have fun out there! Hope the generators help out with the dogs!

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  2. Glad you at least found some balls that they like. They may not be as good as the previous ones but sounds like they are still fun. Me? Still getting ready for the launch

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  3. Imagining the dogs going wild for those pumpkin balls was a smile that I greatly needed today. Sounds like the design changed though.

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  4. Sounds like a very productive day. I’m mostly just trying to catch up on the rest of what I missed while I was offline for a lot of July… I’m getting there, but it’s a slow process.

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  5. Not doing much at all, unfortunately… but available if you need extra help!
    I am becoming curious about Mrs Molony…

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  6. I have no tips for your generator. Sorry. 🙂 Yes, I do believe at this point, even though it’s still hotter than hell in Texas, Fall is just around the corner and I welcome it! Mrs. Molony sounds like it will be a fun read! I love that you had a visit with your muse. I too have notes for stories that I may or may not ever write, but nevertheless, the notes are there. 🙂

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  7. Pumpkin balls! I love it. I need some new cat toys around here. They like things they can bat across the certamic tile floors.

    As for today, I’m just feeling grateful and blessed that Laura and Marco look as they they are not going to endanger central Florida (fingers crossed). But if they stay on the current trajectory, Louisiana and parts of Texas are in the crosshairs. 😦 Not a good place to be. Sending them all sorts of positive thoughts!

    Am thinking about taking a day off. I haven’t done that in months and months, and today feels about right for some heavy-duty, industrial-strength relaxation. With a book. Maybe about a ship with a toothy figurehead. It could finally happen! 😀

    Good luck with the generators!

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  8. Pumpkin ball time — so cute! Today I’m doin this, laundry. and I’m cookin a brisket. I am so grateful for my ac. So grateful!

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  9. Space opera, HMM? Can’t say I’ve read one of those. But I finished your new Lanternfish and loved it! The kids just left to go home, and we had a wonderful weekend. The fanciest meal I’ve ever made for them, but it’s not like we feel safe going out to eat. HH and I are pretty wiped out right now, but boy, it was fun. Back to hitting the keys tomorrow! Life should be a little more normal for a while.

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    • The trick so far is figuring out a plot that isn’t just another Star Wars. I saw the BookBub review, thank you for that. We haven’t gone out once since all this started. Date night was always a big thing for us. When the option is a respirator, it doesn’t seem like much of a loss. Glad you got to enjoy some family time.

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  10. I love pumpkin ball time! It’s like an autumn ritual on your blog, LOL.
    Congrats on getting Mrs. Molony ready to go, too, and I’m glad the muse has you inspired. I got a visit from mine today too and managed new words. It feels good after so long.

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  11. Pumpkin beer is already out. A coworker posted a pic of his on Friday. Love the dogs’ pumpkin ball. Nice to hear you’re making progress in all your projects.

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  12. Pumpkin balls and pumpkin beer – life doesn’t get much better than than! I’m ready for some pumpkin-spiced stuff too.

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  13. Sorry I’m late! Awww…Otto just gets cuter by the day. Stock up on those pumpkin balls (and beer). Are you doing Macabre Macaroni this year?

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  14. I am up to reading your new novel. Looking forward, as always. Best of luck!

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