#NewRelease: HMS Lanternfish by C.S. Boyack #fantasy #pirates

I’m visiting with Teri today, and the topic is root monsters. These little guys have gotten pretty popular, so you might want to check it out. Teri is a super supporter of the indie community, a great author herself, and someone worth knowing. Check out her blog and books while you’re there.

Books and Such

Who here is a fan of root monsters?  Haven’t heard of them?  I have good news for both groups.  First, they’re back.  Second, if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them, now you’ll have two opportunities to get acquainted with this bunch of Minion-like, fun-loving creatures who will root (pun totally intended) their way into your heart!  Voyage of the Lanternfish, the first book in this series, is full of adventure on the high seas, a hint of magic, a touch of romance, and quirky characters – the aforementioned root monsters.  Craig Boyack is here today to tell us how these charismatic little critters sprang forth from his imagination.  Over to you, Craig!

Thanks for lending me your space today, Teri. It’s always nice to have places to promote when we have new books available.

My newest is called HMS Lanternfish. It’s the second book of a planned trilogy…

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  1. I’m hopping over to Teri’s to share, Craig!

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