Released! Curses Dark and Foul

PH Solomon has a new book out. I’m a big fan of short fiction, and this book has three different stories. Check it out.

Archer's Aim

Hi everyone, it’s a celebratory day here at Archers Aim. First, I want to thank everyone for visiting today and joining in the pre-release announcement of Curses Dark and Foul, my first fantasy anthology. Before I a go any further, I do have one request: please share this post in some way to help spread the word about the release of the book.

The title of the anthology has a rather grim connotation to it as well it should since all three stories involve a curse. Each of the stories places a main character in a situation of coping with an insurmountable challenge with a curse. Each one of the characters is in a situation where they likely have no way out but forward into the teeth of a inescapable fate. Dark and foul certainly well describes the circumstances for these characters which hopefully makes for an intriguing read.

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6 responses to “Released! Curses Dark and Foul

  1. I love the short form, too.

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  2. I saw this on P.H.’s blog this morning. Wishing him all the best with the release. I enjoy short fiction and the stories in this sound great!

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  3. Best wishes for a successful release to P.H.

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  4. Congratulations to P.H.!! I will share!

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