Small Victories

I had to cut back an old rose bush this morning. Morning because of the incredible heat we’ve been having. Old What’s Her Face ran the wood chipper and it really helped with the cleanup. We have room for the fencing crew to work now and I think the rose will recover.

Then, I dedicated myself to the final read of Lanternfish. I found a few mistakes, but they’ve all been fixed. Then I built a title page, double checked the links in my back material, and mailed it off to my formatter.

I might even be ready to publish by next weekend. Honestly, I wanted this done in May, but it is what it is.

If you’re ready for another dose of root monsters, con men, and Serang, it’s getting close.

I have some new monsters and fantasy creatures in this one. Honestly, creating them is kind of fun.

There are also a few new lands to be explored. I tried to flesh those out as much as possible without turning it into a weird travelogue.

I’m going to take my time with promo. I haven’t even tried writing blog tour posts. I’ll do it, but I want the book available first. I have a couple of Lisa Burton posters in hand, so Lisa will be participating in the tour.

It may not seem like much, but small victories add up. I have the cover for The Ballad of Mrs. Molony in the works right now. If things work out, I can promote Lanternfish for a few weeks, then publish Mrs. Molony in time for the Halloween season.

I may keep it boring tomorrow, on purpose. I am supposed to be on a pseudo-break of some kind. Maybe Charles Bronson is killing people on television somewhere. If noting else, The Santa Clarita Diet is hilarious. It’s on Netflix, so I can watch multiple episodes at at time.


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35 responses to “Small Victories

  1. Congrats on the victories. Enjoy your boring day.

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  2. Nice to hear about the rose. Best wishes on Lanternfish.

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  3. Good luck with everything 😃

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  4. Water the rose bush deeply — put the hose right by the roots/stump and set it on a trickle. Leave it there for at least 1/2 hour. Do this maybe once a week until you see it putting on new leaves or blooming again.

    I’ve been doing this with my blackberries and grapes, which are trying to ripen fruit in this intense heat. It can’t prevent sun damage, but it keeps the plant from sacrificing its fruit.

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  5. Looking forward to the new Lanternfish. Enjoy your lazy day. They’re a treat when they happen, and they don’t happen that often. I’m always up for promoting you on my blog, so keep me in mind.

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  6. Woohoo! Congrats on being so close to pubbing Lanternfish. The cover is awesome, and I know the book is going to be even more so. Looking forward to it!

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  7. Any victory in times like these is a victory worth celebrating, and an upcoming release is actually a BIG victory, my friend 🙂
    Consider my blog yours when the time comes.
    Oh, and heatwave?? Yeah, thanks for that. Tomorrow is predicted to be 0 overnight with a maximum of 6 degrees (which is something like 42 in F), with thunder, hail, and/or snow.

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  8. Hope you had a productive weekend. I watched some Netflix, too. Spent time with my daughter and her fiancé. Lamented the Pens losing their game. Now it’s back to the grind.

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  9. Congrats on the upcoming release! I cannot keep up with you (reading, that is…writing I won’t even bother mentioning…though, just did). 🙂 You are a wonder.

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  10. I have waited anxiously for this segment of Lanternfish, Craig!! Congrats! And the cover knocks it out of the ballpark again! I didn’t think you could top the first Lanternfish cover, but this one did!! Way to go!

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  11. Love the look of that cover! I just finished a book that involved adventures on the high seas.

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  12. Love Santa Clarita Diet! Can’t wait for the next season.

    Congratulations on your latest!!! Let me know if you’d like to come on the blog and chat about your research. I’m sure there’s a few fascinating stories behind the scenes. 😊

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  13. Sassy was watching that Santa Clarita Diet for a while and I saw some of it — it was hilarious! 🙂

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