I hate not having topics

I enjoy blogging, I really do. Talking with everyone that stops over is fun. My life is just kind of boring right now.

Work has been consistent and gets the bulk of my time. That’s no fun to talk about. Every night I try to get through a couple of chapters of HMS Lanternfish with an eye toward getting it published.

This weekend I want to finish my final proofreading and get Lanternfish to the formatter. I’m off on Monday, too, so that might help.

This stuff just isn’t as much fun as drafting new material. That’s when the creative juices are flowing and I have more to post about.

I’m still dabbling with story boards and adding the occasional bit. I’m down to sticky notes instead of index cards and that means they’re ready to write. I added a few graphics to one because they help.

I guess the point is that I’m still working on writing projects, but they aren’t things I can discuss right now. The future is looking bright for Lizzie and the hat, but I can’t talk about it yet.

I had to see the dentist this week. Not fun to talk about either, and in the era of COVID I have some concerns. This is my year to spend from our flex account and I need to have some work done. If I don’t, then someone else will just spend the money and I’ll be put off again.

Today I tried to refill my blood pressure medications. Nope! They insist I come in for an appointment. All they really want to do is milk my insurance, but I don’t have a choice. I swear I’m going to be pissed if all they do it check my blood pressure again. We could do that via telemedicine. They promised to give me enough pills until I could get in to see them. That was big of them.

We hit 102º yesterday and it was 101º when I checked a moment ago. That’s kind of rough, but it’s expected every year.

Not much more to say from Idaho. I hope all of you are doing more interesting things and staying safe… and cool. Hope you’re staying cool, too.


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39 responses to “I hate not having topics

  1. Sometimes ordinary…and no news…is good. You needed a break. Hope you’re enjoying it. And it’s great to have time to plan ahead. Then you’ll be off to the races again.

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  2. Figuring out topics is always a pain. I’ve taken to watching TV and seeing if there’s part of a story that I never touched on. A new arena might open up tomorrow depending on how people take to it. Seems topics are either flooding in or totally dry.

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  3. It’s 99º here,not any better than yours. My doctor follows new guidelines and only refills for a certain period. After that, he wants to see me.

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  4. It’s a bum year all round isn’t it. Shame on your medical providers, mind you it’s very difficult to get a drs appointment over here mostly things are dealt with over the phone .Be safe , be cool and keep those creative juices flowing 💜

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  5. Gosh, it’s hotter there than in my part of Texas. We actually had a “cold” front move through. High temps in the low 90s. I’ll take that any day.

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  6. We got over 100 yesterday, too. I spent most of the day going in and out to move the water on my plants.

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  7. You know when you talk about the weather you are done. I hope you. have a good weekend.

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  8. D.L. Finn, Author

    Im with you about seeing a dentist right now, but I go in next week to make up for my March appt. Well I never like to go to the dentist. I hate having to go in to fill prescriptions, but they give one no choice. I have to do that to get heartworm pills for our dog. I’m excited to learn there will be more Lizzie and the hat 🙂

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  9. Gwen M. Plano

    I wouldn’t have guessed that Idaho reached temperatures over 100. My brother lives in Spokane and when we visit his family, we’ll often drive into Idaho. I’m not alone in loving the state, as it seems hoards of Americans have packed their bags and are heading your way. Hope you find the time you need to write. 🙂

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  10. Sounds like you’ve got a case of the Covid Blues. I’m going through it at the moment. Everything seems so pedestrian, so staid. I’m bored with everything. We’re eating take out twice a week just to have some kind of variety in our lives.

    Let me spark up your day a bit: I’m reading The Experimental Notebook at the moment! Jack O Lantern cracked me up. The second story with the biplane was awesome! And I adored reading another Lisa B story. So, congratulations, Craig. I’m officially hooked on your writing! Got my copy of Experimental II, and The Playground waiting on my Kindle….

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  11. I think it’s kind of a muddling time for blogging and writing. Everything seems to slow down at this point in the summer. Lots of outside projects, excessive heat, and distractions. I spent today working on blog posts for SE and planning my writing strategy for autumn.

    I had a routine dentist appointment in early June. Quite the experience the way the hygienist has to suit up since the dawn of COVID-19, but I guess it’s all for the best.

    Wishing you happy plotting on your next project(s).

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  12. Not sure what your pharmacies are like where you live, but if you find one with a doctor on staff, they could do the refill on the BP meds and save you a trip to a germ incubator.

    Hope it all works out, Craig. And good luck with getting your projects wrangled.

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  13. I had a dentist visit a couple weeks ago. Took me straight back, no patients waiting, everyone gloved, gowned, and masked. Felt very safe. I also had no idea the temps got that high in Idaho.

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  14. I think you nailed the tone of many of us. Strange and annoying times we’re living in. But we gotta keep on keeping on. Hope your heatwave breaks soon. Our weather has been soupy followed by more humidity. Ugh.

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  15. Having a lot happen isn’t necessarily a good thing. Enjoy the quiet time while it lasts.

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  16. The business of medicine has been bad lately. I like that everyone is focused on the worst bits, but I always dislike anything that feels like bullshit bureaucrazy. (not a spelling error)
    I miss people here. I must build up my strength and return.

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