Technological nightmares and extra work

I’ve been working on my storyboards in drips and drabs. Right now I have six in various stages of completion, and some are nearly complete.

There are two stand alone novels, the finale of the Lanternfish trilogy, and three future stories for Lizzie and the hat. I was feeling pretty good about the process. That’s when everything started failing.

The app I’ve been using is called Pinnic. It randomly erased one of my ledger cards. I tried opening and closing, even a reboot. That’s when I discovered another board had the same thing happen to it. Then it started throwing out a random index card that could not be edited or deleted. It also covered another card I would really like to read.

What happens is these developers stop updating their apps. It’s happened before. I used to use an app I really liked, but the developers stopped updating and eventually it became unusable. This one was so long ago that I don’t even remember its name. That’s when I switched to Corkulous Pro.

Corkulous Pro also went the way of the dinosaurs and I downloaded Pinnic. They haven’t had an update for a long time, but Apple has had many. You can see where this is going.

Lo and behold, a new developer bought Corkulous Pro about a year ago and resurrected it. It became a subscription based app. It’s like $1.99 per month, but half that for a year at a time. In theory, this is to allow them to keep it updated and trot out some new features on occasion.

Oddly enough, they refuse to tell you what the subscription fee will be in the App Store. I would kind of like that data prior to committing and it seems like the ethical thing to do. I even tried googling it to no avail.

Ultimately, I decided to download the free app and hoped to learn what the fee was. This worked, but I thought it might just be a blank check of some kind.

Something is lost and hopefully something is gained. I had a bunch of old storyboards on Pinnic that will be abandoned. I really don’t need them for books that have been published, but things like Yak Guy, Serang, and Grinders were in there. I see no reason to recreate them now.

I spent part of last night and all of this morning recreating the next six storyboards by hand in Corkulous. The split-screen feature in my iPad helped, but I was using two different apps with different controlling actions to accomplish that. There were many times I used action A on app B and it slowed down the process.

None of this involved a drag & drop, or a copy & paste, because they are different apps. It involved retyping everything I had.

I always got along well with Corkulous. There were features in other apps that it does not have. It has features the others don’t. Honestly, I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. Give me some index cards, a few sticky notes, and I’m golden. It will allow me to attach images and I like to do that on occasion. My old images were sacrificed, but I may spend some time dropping a few into the new boards.

The downside is losing the time. I was supposed to be reading the next Lanternfish on an editing pass. I still haven’t started that task. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.

On the plus side, I have six storyboards that are pretty close to ready. I may have an app they will keep updated to the new operating systems. Does anyone else have problems like this, or am I the only one who uses apps when I create things?


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29 responses to “Technological nightmares and extra work

  1. Whenever my tech goes awry, I lose time and fuss about it, but it doesn’t make any difference. It has to be done before I can work again. Glad you found another app you like for your storyboards. I plot the old school way, on my computer and in notebooks. It’s slow, but it makes me think more than I would if I had something faster. That’s good for me.

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  2. I hate it when technology creates redundant work. Have a great weekend.

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  3. I’ve had several apps I use (unrelated to writing) go belly up because they’re no longer supported.That’s why, when it comes to anything related to writing, I stick with Word for tracking story ideas and anything else. I’m not sure what that equates to for Apple, even though I am solely a Mac girl—Pages? Notes?

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  4. I don’t use apps, so I can’t weigh in on your question. I have noticed that apps tend to die after updates disappear, which I guess is part of the nature of free stuff. Hope the new/old program works out.

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  5. How frustrating! I recently went through something similar when I upgraded computers. Hopefully you get back in the swing of it soon.

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  6. How frustrating, Craig! I have never used an app for anything like this. Mostly, if I do a storyboard, I set it up on Pinterest as a private board. I hope everything is worked out for now and you can move forward!

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    • I use Pinterest a lot, but don’t know if I can write on index cards there. I like to move them around until the story structure reveals itself. I think I’m in fair shape on that front now.


  7. I don’t use a bunch of apps. The simpler I can keep things, the better. Sorry about your troubles.

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  8. I’m like Staci, I don’t use Apps. Pretty much everything is done in Word. I used to use Scrivener, but I like to write in multiple places, straight to the cloud, so I even ditched that. Now I have various Word docs for the WIP i’m working on. Outline.doc, characters.doc, etc etc.
    Saves the headache of technology trouble, but can get unwieldly.

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  10. That’s a real pain in the behind, Craig. I don’t use any apps either. My story ideas go into the notes on my phone and I use Word to write. Pretty unexciting.

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  11. Gwen M. Plano

    Hope it all works out, Craig. I’ve had a very difficult time with technology (internet) this past week. I think it got COVID and is trying to sleep it off. 😦

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  12. I don’t use an app. I prefer my notebook or simply opening a file on my computer. I have several backups and I married a tech guy.

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  13. Sorry about the technological issues, but glad you got it sorted in the end… Even if it meant losing a lot of time to it.

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