Vacation and the Muse

I went over the next chapter of Mrs. Molony before sending it out to my critique group. I admit it was a little rough, but the hours are dwindling on my vacation. Back to the real world tomorrow.

A whiff of sandalwood caught my attention. I got up from my desk and followed it like a bloodhound. Lorelei, the Muse waited in the main office.

“Where is your little assistant? Don’t tell me I’ve missed her.”

“Lisa is with Sean Harrington, making art.” I gave her a quick glance from her high heels, past her designer jeans, to the top of her long curly hair. “Haven’t seen you around here, lately.”

“You committed to series work, and I didn’t feel like you needed me. As long as you’re being creative, sometimes it’s better to get out of your way.”

“Well, I could use you now. I looked over my old storyboards and don’t have a lot to add. Then I tried to start boards for the final Lanternfish story, and the next Hat tale. It isn’t looking too good.”

She pulled me into a hug. “Aww. You’ve been on a break for a little over a week. Maybe you should give it more time.”

I fumbled a bit before speaking. She is a minor goddess, and pretty fit to boot. “Yeah, but you’d think all my ideas would fill a board.”

“I snooped. You have plenty of things for Lanternfish. The Hat series tends to be shorter. I think you’re going to be fine.”

“I need turning points for Lanternfish. There’s some cool stuff, but I haven’t been able to fit it into three-act structure. I haven’t even come up with things for many of the crew to be involved in. So far it’s just James and Serang, with a bit of the Palumbos. I need things for the other characters, particularly the root monsters. I need ways to hide any big cons that might be happening.”

“It’s only been a week. Relax. Things will come to you. You may find yourself inspired after I leave today. That’s kind of how Muses work.”

“And what’s with all the ideas for The Hat? I have more ideas than I can write in several years. Don’t want it to grow stale for readers. I’m trying to write one per year. I have two years worth of storyboards, and a solid idea for one after those.”

“Don’t be such a baby. I know you like those characters, and you enjoy writing their adventures. I may have visited your dreams a few times, but they are solid ideas.”

“That seems kind of invasive. Maybe I wanted to see you.”

“Maybe you wanted to look at me. There’s a difference. You’ve been extremely busy, and it feels like solid work. Enjoy your break. Add to the storyboards as interesting things occur to you.”

I paused, looking at her wasn’t exactly horrifying. She looked every inch the Greek Goddess, even in modern clothing. “At least there is an end in sight for Lanternfish.”

“It’s your first series, and it will be your first complete series. You should be proud of that. Then you’ll have room for your stand-alone books.”

“It would be nice to spend some time on those. I have one storyboard that’s three years old.”

“You will. Give yourself a few months. I’m sure you’ll start the Lanternfish book before the year ends. Try to enjoy yourself.” She swirled her wrist, and a crystal goblet appeared in her hand. “Aren’t you going to offer me a drink?”

I grabbed my beard and thought. “We’re all stocked up on cheap boxed wine. Lizzie St. Laurent seems to thrive on the stuff. Either that or one of her Monster energy drinks.”

“Let’s brave the wine. Maybe you ought to stock some better supplies out here.”

“Like I said, Lisa is working away from home today and I’m a little short.”

“There are delivery services in your modern world. Phone something in, and I expect a little better stock the next time I appear.”


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22 responses to “Vacation and the Muse

  1. Best not to argue with your muse. 😀

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  2. Yeah, you need to get better wine. Your muse deserves it.

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  3. Your Muse has high standards. You’d better step up to make her happy. After her drink, which I hope she enjoyed, maybe more ideas will come to you:) But she’s right. You have some time to let them trickle in.

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  4. Ugh. Muses. Demanding bunch aren’t they?

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  5. Drunken muse! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Best of luck, Craig 🙂

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  6. Well I never she is a tad demanding 😉

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  7. Yep! Don’t argue with the muse. And your vacation went as fast as mine did. (Don’t they all?)

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  8. I guess Lorelei has high standards. Keeps you on your toes. That’s good. Mostly. Until she drives you to drink (and you need to restock).

    Sounds like you put your time off to good use.

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  9. Well…considering she’s a minor goddess and all, Lorelei does need a bit of pampering!
    Glad you had a productive vacation. And I can’t wait to see what Sean and Lisa come up with!


  10. If you want better ideas you better get better supplies, Craig! Boxed wine? Ha, ha! I’m excited to see Lisa’s art. Enjoy the week! ❤

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  11. I believe it is best not to anger the muse, lest she leave you wanting. Take her advice, stock up. Can’t wait to see the ideas she presents you with.

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  12. loved the camaraderie in here…thanks for the post the comments and all…loved the moment..

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