Yesterday’s Office.

This is mostly going to be the photos I couldn’t upload yesterday. I’ll throw in a couple more. I intended to post a different update today, but without much of a connection, you kind of get the words yesterday and the pictures today.

We’re home now. I had my usual comedy of errors getting out of there. I couldn’t remove the sewer cap to flush out our holding tank. I left the dump station rather than back up traffic waiting to use the septic system.

I forgot my block for the trailer jack, so we had to loop back through the campground. It was still where we left it. While there, I decided to take a rock to the sewer cap and it worked like a charm. One more lap through the dump station and we got to head home.

This was what I wanted to call my office in the post yesterday.

This is the little doe that hangs around the campground. She browsed about ten feet from Otto this morning while he had his breakfast. Nothing interrupts that boy’s breakfast.

A glimpse at part of last night’s supper.


These boys were hanging around the dump station this morning and posing for photos. These are all mule deer, for those who only have white tails around.

There are three of them, but one of the bigger ones is behind the little guy

I always hate to come home, but it’s good to be back.


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39 responses to “Yesterday’s Office.

  1. Welcome back. Glad you got that sewer cap fixed. Don’t want to know what you would have to do if you couldn’t get it open. Nice neighbors you had there too.

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  2. Your office and kitchen look utterly delightful, Craig. Love your friends dropping by, too. Thanks for taking us away, my friend.

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  3. I’m glad you posted the photos. Mule deer are huge.

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  4. Great pictures! You got a beautiful camping spot. I always love to see deer.

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  5. Oh good! Look at that! 🙂
    I hope you have a good week, Craig!

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  6. Love the office and kitchen! Glad you had a nice time, and glad you’re home safely. Enjoy the rest of the week 🙂

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  7. Welcome back. Love the pictures!

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  8. Nice photos. The lobster tail looks delish! Glad you made it home safely.

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    • We always try to make something fun while camping. I want to take our paella pan and the rice, then maybe see what their local markets have somewhere. Might be best if we ever go to the coast again. Add some clams, crab, snapper, etc.

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  9. It’s lovely to see the photographs that go with your trip.

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  10. Glad you enjoyed your camping trip, and were able to be so productive during it (even if you had to wait to upload these photos until you got home).

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  11. Beautiful photos, Craig. Looks like a gorgeous campground. Love the mule deer, too. Nope, we don’t have them here. Just white-tails and a smaller subspecies, of them, the Key deer. I did see mule deer from a distance in Colorado with my daughter last fall. And even an elk or two, again from a distance. Wonderful animals.

    So glad you had a good time, but as you say, it’s always good to get home again, too. Welcome back! 🙂

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  12. Those lobster tails look yummy!

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  13. It looks like you had a peaceful break except for the sewage hassle. I like your office! We’ve had a few opportunistic deer in our garden lately, helping themselves to the kale. I like your woods variety better. Welcome home.

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  14. Great pictures. We don’t get this wildlife at our camp.

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  15. That’s some office! Great pictures! I’m glad you were finally able to upload them. Love the deers. ❤

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  16. Wow, those deer are something else! Sad to say, I’ve never seen one in the wild…just a few kangaroos 😊
    I’d love a place like that to be my office. Imagine the peace and quiet for writing.

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