Something fun

Old What’s Her face received a box of items because she works at the hospital. It’s a good box of fresh produce and even included a small ham. All of the workers got one. It includes a bag of peaches, one of apples, potatoes, onions. Good stuff.

You might imagine it isn’t perfect. She also got a few yams. It isn’t even a bag it’s more like a half bag. We talked all morning about what to do with them. Neither of us likes the old-school candied yams like people serve on Thanksgiving.

Maybe one of the television chefs had some kind of recipe for them. We spent some time checking those out. In despair, she said we weren’t going to be able to use them.

It was then I had a different idea. “Who wants a new toy?”

The dogs were apprehensive to say the least. Otto eventually took one and walked off polite, but obviously disappointed.

Old What’s Her Face asked if they were safe for dogs. I had to admit, that hadn’t even crossed my mind. She said she would Google it.

I decided to take them away, but Otto was having none of that. He trotted away, then headed for his favorite obstacle course – under the table. Frankie was excited because she could make hers roll across the hard surface flooring.

Turns out, yams are considered a nutritious treat for dogs. They noted that some are sold as dog treats and some dog food brands include them.

About that time, Otto decided to bite down a bit harder on his. He thoroughly enjoyed chewing his up, and wound up eating quite a bit of it.

It took Frankie a bit longer to come around. She was busy rolling hers across the floor. When she saw Otto eating something she had to check it out. Then she returned to hers and gave it a try.

Tomorrow, we’ll probably have a nice Denver omelette including some green peppers and the ham that came from the box. We have a few more dog toys left as well. (Don’t tell the root monsters.)


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36 responses to “Something fun

  1. tmauthor

    “I think, therefore I yam.” — Day Cart

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  2. There’s a use for everything. Very cute story.

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  3. What a nice surprise, getting a bag of goodies. Glad your dogs liked their surprise, too. HH and I aren’t fans of candied yams, but we both love to bake them like Idaho potatoes and add butter and salt. They’re healthy for you.

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  4. I’m not a fan of candied yams either. My husband likes sweet potato fries (I don’t). There is a casserole that has lots of cinnamon and pecans that’s rather tasty. We also make pies with them (sort of like pumpkin).

    But I’m glad Otto and Frankie got a treat. Enjoy those Denver omnlets – we’re thinking of having the same thing tomorrow.

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  5. Gwen M. Plano

    This was truly a delightful story. It brought all kinds of smiles. 🙂

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  6. Nice the dogs got a fun toy/treat out of it. If you do want to use some yourself though, you can turn them in to wedges, fries, etc, use them as a substitute for either potatoes or squash in a cassarole or soup, make a baked potato with them, or cook and mash them with other root vegetables to make a root vegetable mash. There may be other options too, since you can use them to stand in for most root vegetables, but those are the ones I can think of right now. If using as potato substitutes, bear in mind they take longer to cook than potatoes generally do.

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  7. Lol! Glad the yams found a purpose! 🙂 I love sweet potatoes, but not the candied ones. I prefer to roast them or bake them and eat with a little salt and pepper, or just plain. NO, I won’t tell the root monsters! 🙂

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  8. I bet that’s the first time you actually WANTED your dogs to eat an unknown object.

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  9. I love sweet potatoes baked with melted butter on top. Never heard of candied yams, though.

    Great treat for the dogs … it’s not often you get something both nutritious and fun 😊

    The box of food is a nice donation

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  10. D.L. Finn, Author

    What a nice and thoughtful gift of food. Good idea to give the sweet potato potatoes dogs, ours loves the skins. I eat them almost daily. Baked, fried, and anyways I would cook a potato. I made the switch years ago from potatoes to sweet potates. Happy eating!

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  11. My dogs love pumpkin/yams/sweet potatoes. Never thought to give them raw ones as toys, though. Glad the dogs enjoyed them.

    Glad your wife got a thank you box, too.

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  12. Nice surprise box – and something for the furry friends, too. I had no idea they were good for dogs, but it makes sense.

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  13. Ok, I have to get detailed here.
    Are we talking sweet potatoes or yams. Folks do get them confused; or in this case, does it matter?

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  14. Damyanti Biswas

    Thank you for sharing smiles with us all!

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  15. An inventive use for yams, LOL. BTW, they come pretty good wrapped in foil and grilled.
    I had to laugh about the root monsters. 😀

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  16. Loved the root monster comment. I’m glad the pups enjoyed them.
    You can make your dogs yam French Fries. Just cut them as you would fries and bake them on 350 for one hour. This will leave them a bit chewy. If you want crispy fries, turn up the heat to 400 and cook fifteen minutes longer.

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  17. Oi! Oi! Oi! Don’t let them eat the root monsters, Craig. A pretty nice perk of your wife’s job.

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