Not really an oracle

You have to admit, life has been strange for a while now. I’ve been fighting with technology, old and new. Working from home, and all the learning curve that entails. I wish I really were an oracle, maybe I could make some kind of plans for the future. Here are a couple of interesting things that have happened across the last year. I’m not ready to pick lottery numbers or dive into the stock market, but they’re kind of crazy.

Back in September, on Friday the 13th, I released Viral Blues. This is a story featuring Lizzie and The Hat, and deals with tampering of the nation’s vaccine supply. Not quite the same thing as COVID-19, but maybe it’s just circumstantial. There is localized quarantine in the story. This is dark humor, so I’m not sure anyone is ready for that right now.

I released Grinders on February 18, 2020. This one is a cyberpunk tale that projects what I was seeing at the time into the future. It has cyber-shut-ins in the story. These are people who never leave home. They work from home. Play and gather online. Even take advantage of deliveries for every personal need. I had no idea we’d be living this mere weeks after I published it. It’s kind of starting to creep me out.

Recently I’ve been drafting HMS Lanternfish. This is the second book of a series about pirates in a fantasy environment. A gunpowder fantasy if you like that term. I don’t have a link for this one yet, but here is one for Voyage of the Lanternfish, book one in the trilogy.

A big part of the story is the environment they live in. This leads to what gamers call random monsters on occasion. The first book had a creature called Buwaya. This is like a mashup of a crocodile and a dinosaur. She walks upright on land. She never appeared in the story other than via some vocalizations and stories.

Part of her story is that one day her mate just swam away. Aptly named, Buwaya’s mate, appears in HMS Lanternfish and is a bit more active than she was. (Naming kind of reminds me of Grendel and Grendel’s Mother.) Here is the weird part. Scientists have just discovered a fossilized trackway in present day South Korea. It provides conclusive evidence of crocodiles who walked upright on land. I swear, I didn’t miracle this into existence somehow. It provides some of that reality I try to bring to my speculative fiction. I’ll take it.

Maybe they were in shallow water, and the article didn’t address that. I’ve seen photos of crocodilians standing up in the water with only their nostrils above the surface, but this doesn’t sound like what they discovered. There were no tail-drag marks like you would expect.

Maybe something like this? Maybe not?

If you’re interested, you can check the article here

I wish I were an oracle, and these were more than blind-assed luck. I’d find a way to sell a few more copies of these books, and to end this infernal lockdown without making everyone sick again.

The only draft I have going is The Ballad of Mrs. Molony. This is a new book for Lizzie and The Hat. After that, my focus will move to publication and promotion for the new stories. I’m going to take a break from drafting new material to work on some storyboards.

With my recent string of luck, maybe we’d all be safer if I avoid anything too futuristic for a while. I have one historical piece I could move on next. Or there is the post apocalyptic tale I have roughed out, but it includes autonomous zones and some things you might not want me poking with a stick.

I’d appreciate it if you’d check out the links above. I think these are all good stories, and you might find something that appeals to you. You can also read about the scientific discovery and that might spark you to try out Lanternfish.

What weird circumstances have you stumbled across lately?


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34 responses to “Not really an oracle

  1. Think I used up all my circumstances with the Shattered States. Finished the first book right before the first ‘wall speech’. Even noted before I wrote ‘Crossing Bedlam’ that a future story could be a greedy former billionaire showing up to take over the Shattered States, but he ends up starting a fight with Cassidy and Lloyd. Oops.

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  2. In your case, fiction is just as strange as reality, and vice versa. Crocodiles are creepy enough, though. Never want to meet one who walks.

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  3. D.L. Finn, Author

    The line between fiction and reality seems to be blurring lately. I don’t like the idea of ancient upright crocs though, but maybe the root monsters can get everything straightened out for us:)

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  4. Yes, definitely don’t go poking any autonomous zones with your reality stick, Craig! The upright crocs are bad enough!
    Life does imitate art sometimes … lately, a lot! … I published my post-apocaplyptic book FALLOUT in September, which is all about a virus that gets released, and then this outbreak happened to the world. I might have to rethink my next books, te hee he 🙂

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  5. Well, Mr. Oracle, I definitely don’t want anything from Malony to come true. Maybe the hat. But definitely not the monsters. Now, if you’d like to write about me winning a lottery or something equally helpful/wonderful, I’d be on board with that. 😉

    Seriously, though, that’s weird about the walking reptile. Wishing you all the best with your releases (past and future).

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  6. That’s wild about the upright crocs! Maybe you have a gift with predictions that just needs more development – then you could use your powers for good in aiding authors with book sales.

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  7. Gwen M. Plano

    It’s almost as if we are caught in a time warp, a deadly one at that. Upright crocs don’t sound any stranger than some of what we are seeing right now. Logic would suggest that we’d all be reading more, but in the craziness that is now our world, many of us struggle just to understand the mess. I thoroughly enjoyed Serang and The Hat and will definitely read more. You are an excellent writer, Craig!

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  8. How bizarre, Craig. It’s almost too much to be coincidental. 🙂 Perhaps your muse is gazing into the future, or in the case of the crocodilians, into the past. Maybe writing an apocalyptic book wouldn’t be a good idea right about now. 🙂 Try your hand at the lottery. That might be safer.

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  9. I think we would all be safer if you wrote some children’s stories. Wait. They might keep the kids up. Never mind.

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  10. I can’t think of any weird coincidences, but seeing some of the stuff that has unfolded lately is freaky.
    That is too bizarre about the prehistoric crocodile, but I fully believe it could have existed. And when you think about it, a lot of old speculative fiction authors imagined things that have come to pass. Someday, someone might be saying….hey, there was this writer named Boyack who envisioned The Grid and Electric Forest….:)

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  11. Interesting coincidences! But I honestly wouldn’t dismiss the foretelling out of hand. People talk about “the zeitgeist” or a spirit of the times, and I think writers are capable of picking up on things in the zeitgeist that emerge in our work, even if we don’t consciously see the connection.

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  12. Well, at least you’ve also predicted some good things, like the grid in “Grinders” for example.

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  13. I have some crocodile fiction, he came to me in dreams. He comes during periods of extraordinary stress, so yeah, I’ve seen him a lot lately, but I haven’t added anything new to my stories.
    Last week I picked up some litter and went to put it in a bin. When I opened the lid to the bin, a semi or other big truck honked and scared me half to death! Random scare was random and scary!
    Also, our neighbors who’ve never spoken to us walked up our drive and talked to us for a LONG time. Dunno why, guessing isolation.

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  14. arun ard

    Well written 😊


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