Gotta write something…

It was a busy week at work. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. When you combine that with my short weekend, I didn’t get a damned thing accomplished on the writing front.

Next week is looking like it’s going to be just as busy, but I have a three day weekend at the far end.

I managed to dabble a bit, but it doesn’t amount to anything I can see. I marked up some work for a critique partner. I’ve been sitting on my own critiques for a week and finally addressed those. Then I sent out another section, but I wrote that two weeks ago.

I also hacked out my next Story Empire post, but it needs some work. Beyond that, I added a few words to my Jason Fogg short story in the evenings, and that’s it. This stuff counts, and it has to be done, but it isn’t the same as one of my 3000 word writing sessions.

Old What’s Her Face and I ordered takeout, then watched whatever we could find on television. That’s kind of boring, too. I’ve decided that most takeout doesn’t travel well. Sweet and sour chicken is great at the restaurant, but becomes a big dough ball by the time it gets home. Anyplace we’ve gone that comes with fries tends to work out the same way.

When it comes to take it and bake it pizza, or a bucket of chicken, that stuff works well. Maybe it’s because they’ve had decades to perfect the product.

Don’t lose faith in me. I intend to have two more releases this year, and inclusion in an anthology. Some weekends are better than others.

Looking forward to next weekend and maybe I can move one of my stories ahead. Hope all of you are safe and well. Those of you who write, I hope you had a productive weekend.


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  1. I like that excuse. Can’t really argue with it and it tends to be true.

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    I didn’t get much done except to rearrange my blog postings.

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  3. I never lose faith in you! You write when you get a decent chance. Life doesn’t always offer that up:) I love to cook, but we ate a lot of takeout this weekend. I’ve made so many different recipes, I’m surprised at myself, but I’m sick of my own cooking. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow. Good luck next weekend!

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  4. I am ALSO looking forward to next weekend. I wanna enjoy it, so I’m already praying the weather will be good 🙂
    I might even blog!

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  5. We don’t buy takeout, Craig. It is never nice so I rather make my own hamburgers, pizza or fish and chips. I enjoy cooking so it is no hardship over weekends. I only edited about 20 pages of my book this weekend too. I had to re-write a section as it had to much telling. I am getting so much better at the telling vs showing thing and am trying to change this when I pick it up in my WIP. It takes some time to rethink the scenes though. Have an excellent week.

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  6. I think I wrote maybe a thousand words all week. It just wasn’t my week for writing. Hoping for more chance this week. I’m with you on the take out problem. We live out in the sticks, so by the time we get anything back home (nobody delivers to our area), it’s always cold and somewhat sad, lol. Have good week, and I’m sure that three-day weekend will be here before you know it 🙂


  7. No need to feel bad. You made progress. And sometimes, even doing nothing is necessary.

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  8. Sounds like you were still pretty productive. We’ve been trying to support some of the local restaurants with takeout, and you’re right about some traveling better than others. But it still means I don’t have to cook!

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  9. I wrote a few posts for my blog yesterday and took another look at my short story for the anthology. I’m kind of getting sick of it now, LOL, but I want it done! I’m really starting to get the itch to return to my WIP but I didn’t work that in. I had a mostly lazy day of reading and hubby and I watched a movie.

    We have yet to order takeout since this whole thing started, but I hear what you’re saying. I also think you had a productive day in being able to cross things off the to-do list. That goes with writing too!

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  10. Lose faith? I find it hard to keep up.

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  11. I think we all have weeks like that.

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  12. I didn’t get any personal writing done, but I managed several edits for my paying clients. That has to count just a little. There was productivity, just not my own. 🙂

    We have done takeout a few times during this mess. We have been lucky, there is a place close to us that has been letting food trucks sell there and the Chinese food has been good. You can’t go wrong with pizza, and I’m not a French fry person, so I don’t worry about those.

    I know you will be back at it this weekend.

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  13. Hi, Craig. There are going to be times that life doesn’t allow for much writing time. That’s simply the way it is. No worries, and don’t beat yourself up. It’s all good. Lose faith in you? Never! 🙂

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  14. Every word written is a step forward. I’m on a writing sprint at the moment, but I know the muse will run out of rocket fuel soon. I have the luxury of time to write. I wish I could gift that to everyone. We ordered take out last night, Buffalo Wings tasted amazing!

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  15. Sounds like a very productive weekend, even if it wasn’t a good one for actual writing. Like you say, those things have to get done too, and at least getting them checked off your list means you’ve got a better chance of lots of writing happening next weekend.

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  16. Hope you get more writing done this weekend. Maybe the fact that you feel like you got little done will be a push in the right direction

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