Back to writing

Today was my flex day, and I intended to make the pixels fly. It didn’t exactly work out that way, but I’ll take it.

I decided to bounce back to Lanternfish. I’m right on the cusp of starting the end game of this book, which is the second of a trilogy. There were just a few bits of scene setting that I needed to address.

Don’t laugh, but I found a picture on Pinterest that relates to one of my characters. This will make a good Lisa Burton promotional poster, so I decided to write it into the tale. I even found some particular shoes this character needed. You never can tell what will inspire me.

Doing this gave me the opportunity for a root monster adventure, and I’m pretty happy with how that turned out, too. The downside is I didn’t crack 2000 words. I had a whole day, but it seemed to take forever to get all this down.

I’m happy with what I produced, and that’s what counts. I had the chance to write more, but quality matters and I feel this is good stuff.

I also ordered a cover and three Lisa Burton Posters from Sean Harrington. Both Lanternfish and Mrs. Molony are at about the same stage of completion. I had to pick one, so I went with Lanternfish. I sent Sean the ideas I have for the cover, and think it will look pretty cool. Now I need to wait patiently. I also have some great ideas for Lisa’s art, but those will have to happen after the cover comes.

In other news, I haven’t been on Twitter for two weeks now. I was a daily user, but it takes so much time. I’ve been tweeting out everyone’s blog posts and will continue to do so. I had some support over there and failed to reciprocate. I also had some new followers, and need to do something about all of them.

I checked in today and did what I could. I promise to try harder in the future. Twitter has been mildly productive for me, so I need to keep up on it.

I also sent off a promotional post for Grinders. It should go live by the end of the week, and I’ll share it here. I think it’s a good post and hope it draws some attention.

Tomorrow is another work from home day for me, so that’s about all I can manage. I got permission to take some time off at the end of the week, and may use some leave. I have hundreds of hours of leave available, and should use a little of it. It caps eventually. In that case, maybe I can move one of my stories ahead. That short story needs some attention and I should focus there.

Should focus doesn’t absolutely mean I will, but it kind of sounds like a plan. Sort of???


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32 responses to “Back to writing

  1. It does sound like a plan. Glad you had a good writing day.

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  2. I’ve toned down the Twitter stuff too. Doesn’t seem to be very interesting lately. Moves too fast and not much interaction beyond retweets. The times I have tried to converse, it doesn’t last long. Congrats on the writing day.

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  3. Sometimes finding inspiration, like you did on Pinterest, is worth spending time on. It sounds like it jogged some good ideas for you. And covers and promotional material need done, too. Sounds like a productive day to me. Little by little, you’re moving every project ahead.

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  4. I love Pinterest for inspiration. The amount of pins I’ve got saved under ‘writing’ ‘cool stuff’ or ‘weird shit’….
    I too returned to writing today…I’d kill for 2000 words! I’m so out of practice I barely scraped together 600. But, I did some research so I’m happy enough with that. Taking a break from writing and coming back to a half written story sucks.

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  5. That’s a decent word count, and I’m glad you’re happy with your progress. Like you said, quality over quantity. Sounds like you have a good plan. Hope it goes… Well… To plan.

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  6. Two thousand words is a great word count in my book. I’m slowly getting back to writing and plan to start blogging again. I’m like you with Twitter. I tweet out posts and like if someone tags me, but that’s about it. And I haven’t been on Triberr in who knows when. Social media, in general, is a pain. (There, I said it!)

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    • The truth shall set you free. It’s a good word count, but I feel like I squandered the time somehow. In every writing day there is a wall, and it happens every time. I know enough to quit when I hit the wall. Some days it’s 500 words.

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  7. I’d love to get 2K words! I haven’t been hanging out much on Twitter either lately. Only checking in every three days or so, but I’m trying to get back into it. Also just retweeting blog posts.

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  8. You’ve been busy, Craig! I hope your leave time helps you continue your production. Lots of momentum in your corner right now.

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  9. It sounds to me like you accomplished many book/writing-related things, and that’s surely as important as word count. A productive day doesn’t always have to be about the number of words on the page, to my mind. And btw, if I ever wrote 2000 words in a day, I’d probably keel over. I’ve done 1000, and even 1500 now and then, but I don’t think I’ve ever hit 2000.

    But then I tweak and revise a bit as I go, stopping to listen to what I’ve written every few paragraphs and adjusting things that don’t sound right. Yeah, I know some folks don’t think that’s a good plan, but I can’t help myself. If I know it sounds lame or downright wrong, I have to fix it right then. And I don’t feel bad about it, because it means less revision time when I’ve finished the draft. Not everybody’s method, but it works for me.

    Still. 2000 words! I’m impressed!! And I think spending your day the way you did is just as important, in its own way. All parts of the finished product, after all. 🙂

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  10. I would be thrilled adding 2K to a WIP. I hope I have some time this weekend to write. How wonderful to have TWO books near completion! I can’t wait to see the covers and the new Lisa art. Very exciting!

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  11. Research takes time, Craig. And especially when images are part of the research. I can find myself spending an hour looking for just the right image to portray what I want to. But, it’s necessary as visual art is an integral part of our stories. 2,000 words aren’t bad on any day! Twitter can be time-consuming. I’ve tried some of the helpers like Hootesuite and Tweetdeck, but they don’t replace real-time and hands-on responses.

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  12. I noticed you re-tweeting my posts. Guess I’d better make sure I’m following you back!

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