650 words

I admit it isn’t my best writing day, but it really shouldn’t have been a writing day at all.

I had some critiques back and my only goal was to work through those. Old What’s Her Face is off today, so I went into my home office for the sole purpose of doing that.

I’m also trying to get more organized. It’s easier to send out my submissions as whole chapters. It also makes those submissions easier to understand because they are chapters. Prior to this, I used a word count to send out submissions. With this goal in mind, I wanted to get to the end of a chapter.

I don’t hit the backup story as hard as Lanternfish right now, but it feels nice to have everything on an even keel. Lanternfish has 32 chapters completed. The Ballad of Mrs. Molony has 7.

They’re different genres, and stories about Lizzie and The Hat are short on purpose. Lanternfish kind of fits the mold of epic fantasy, so it is longer. The spread between these genres could misrepresent the proportions of giving you simple chapters alone. Also, Lanternfish is sailing toward the end, while Mrs. Molony is somewhere in the middle.

So, my 650 words kind of brings my writing life into balance. It’s a small thing, but it’s good until I mess it up again. I’ll probably mess it up this evening.

Messing it up involves the fact that they called my wife in for an extra shift. She’ll go to bed about 6:00, then report for work at midnight. I’ve been staying up when this happens unless it is one of my work nights. It’s just easier on her that way.

I have an entire evening to myself. I may break down and look for an old movie, but I’ll probably work on one of my stories. I’d like to get Lanternfish across the ocean and right up to the face of the action.

I’ve been dealing with scenarios that require certain characters to be in two places at once. I’ve been thinking about them for months, and writing it is going to be how I solve the problems. Some of my scenarios will have to fall by the wayside. After I commit to where they will be, that will build the fences for how the rest of the tale shapes up.

I also need to keep planting some things as they cross the last ocean. These can payoff in the final book somewhere. Tonight could be the night for some of that.

Tomorrow will probably be a strange day. I have no idea what my wife will expect. Sometimes she wants to sleep, and I try to be quiet. Other times she wants to stay up so she doesn’t get jet lagged or whatever you might call it. I’m not making any plans for tomorrow, and will take it as it comes.

It doesn’t sound all that productive, but it was good stuff to get done. How is your weekend shaping up?


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39 responses to “650 words

  1. Sometimes, it’s not about how many words but choosing the right words/ideas to get the storyline right. And those are just as important, maybe more important, than adding new ideas. And they take more time. I’m always glad when it feels like I got those right. I feel sorry for your wife. She’s not going to get much sleep. My daughter’s a nurse on night shift, too, and it’s easy for her to get her sleep/awake hours in the right balance if too much is going on. It’s sweet that you stay up to help your wife out. Whatever happens tomorrow, I hope it’s a good one for both of you.

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  2. Been having a decent author weekend. I’m still finding it hard to wake up on Saturdays, but I got it done. Curious what you mean about scenarios where a character has to be in two places at once. Is that by design or an oops? I’ve had that happen by accident, which forces me to switch things around.

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  3. 650 words is exactly 650 words MORE than I wrote yesterday. Or last week. Or for the last month. 😦 I’m happy for you, because you are exercising your creativity and getting words DOWN. I’m sad for me, because I’m not. *sigh* But when Mark goes back to work tomorrow for his 3-day shifts of 12-hours, I will have a long, quiet day again, and I’m hoping to pick up where I left off in my WIP. I’m feeling a lot better physically, and you’ve given me some inspiration to stop sniveling around here (literally and physically) and get back to work! I ain’t gettin’ any younger, and somebody has to tell this story!

    Hope you are able to get a bit more of your story(ies) told, Craig, and hit an even higher word count today. Good luck! 🙂

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  4. Don’t you hate when your character has to be in two places at once?

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  5. My weekend – can’t put it off any longer … have to de-winterise the lawnmower! 🙂

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  6. I like the way you pepper things in. Those little details make a difference to me, because I enjoy making those connections, knowing somehow the small details will reveal their importance later.
    Jet-lagged — I get it, but I also now think it’s odd we don’t have a word for this apart from air travel. We need one.

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  7. I think the keyword to this post is balance, Craig, and I’d say you hit the mark. 650 words is better than a stick in the eye. 🙂

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  8. You know the old saying about not being able to edit a blank page… be thrilled with 650 words – it’s 650 more than me!

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  9. Ah, weekend is shaping up just fine – lots of new house chores but won’t complain! Great post! By the way please join my blog too, if you find it interesting – let’s grow together!😊


  10. I think adding words is progress, no matter how many or few you add. It’s still better than no words added. And with the schedules you and your wife are keeping combined with you working on two different projects? It’s impressive you can do that. Kudos to you.

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  11. You got a lot done this weekend. I don’t do much regarding social media or writing on the weekends. Just need some time to relax. Although, lately that’s all we have done. Did manage to get to the store and write a character description. Baby steps.

    P.S. I got a good laugh at Clovis-19.

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  12. New words added is always a good thing, no matter how many, especially if you weren’t expecting to be able to add more.

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  13. Hello Craig, I hope all is well with you. I haven’t seen a post for a few days. It sounds like you are writing up a storm as always.

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  14. I applaud you to be able to write at all right now, much less to be able to work simultaneously on multiple projects! Way to go! 😁

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