Kind of crotchety today

Today was my flex day. This gave me a chance to write, and I did, but I don’t feel like it’s anything to note here. In both stories, I’m in one of those places.

Author visitors will understand what I’m talking about. Sometimes you just have to move the pieces around the board. You can’t get to the next big scene without putting the smaller bits in motion. That’s the kind of stuff I’ve been writing. It’s good to get accomplished, because then I can do some crazy things coming up.

It feels like the middle slog, and for the story about Lizzie and The Hat, it could be. I have no idea what it’s like for the Lanternfish trilogy. Technically, the whole second book is the middle slog, but it’s not going to read that way. There is some crazy stuff happening in this story.

Some of my attitude is just the general state of things in the world right now. I keep trying to focus on nice things, and do what I can here. I’ve posted cute dogs, ducks, and such. I even did a free day for Yak guy. (Still watching for a few reviews.) Today it’s another tree.

Frankie has a hard time avoiding cameras. The peach tree is finished for the year. This old crabapple is in the middle of its spring display. So is the Asian pear around the side of the house. It just doesn’t have the pleasing shape of this tree. It makes me happy, so it might help you, too.

In other news, we had one of my favorites tonight. It’s chicken and cheesy grits, drizzled with a bit of honey and hot sauce. I’m not selling it very well, so check out this bowl.

I’m working tomorrow, but there may be some cool leftovers for lunch. Might get some writing time this weekend, too. Hang in there everyone. Stimulus checks are coming, and this won’t last forever.


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45 responses to “Kind of crotchety today

  1. Ugh. I dread the middle slog. Doing rollercoaster style stories, I think I have 2-3 in each one. Good luck getting through it.

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  2. Your dinner looks good. We had chili. It was breezy-cool today here in Virginia, so chili was a good choice!

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  3. Thanks for the uplift, Craig. I am also trying to find the good things to enjoy in life.

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  4. I hear you! That’s a yummy-looking meal.

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  5. I’m a vegetarian, but I’d defnitely go for the cheese and hot sauce, lols. I’m with you on that hard slog and am looking forward to the weekend, where I’m going to take time out from everything. I don’t know why, but I just feel exhausted the whole time.

    On a funnier note, I’m having to translate ‘stimulus checks’ from meaning getting checked/looked into, for the British version ‘stimulus cheques’ lols 🙂 Fingers crossed yours comes soon. My husband has to wait until mid to late May until he can apply (he’s self-employed) and funds won’t arrive until at least June, so we’re tightening our belts, but we’re not in as bad a position as many I know.

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  6. I hate messy middles! Just the thought of being at that place in a book nerves me.

    I love cheese grits, especially shrimp and grits, but I won’t eat plain grits for breakfast. Which reminds me. When the world reopens, I want to go to my favorite seafood restaurant and have their shrimp and grits.

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  7. I can relate. The middle is rough.

    The tree looks nice and your dogs look as though they couldn’t care less if you were taking their picture or not.

    Hopefully we will get back to our normal routines sooner rather than later.

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  8. Glad your trees and favourite dinner were able to give you something positive to focus on. We all need that right now, even if it only helps a little, and not for long. Hang in there.

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  9. I think we’re all feeling your pain, Craig. As we watch our economy crash, it’s hard not to get caught in the feelings that surround it. At least you are trying to stay positive and that’s all anyone can do. Love the photo of the tree! That smells like peach cobbler to me. 🙂 Hang in there! My stimulus money showed up yesterday, so yours is on the way!

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  10. Middles – I feel your pain, Craig. That chicken looks awesome – just take off the onions for me.

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  11. Looks delicious. And I loved seeing the dogs in the yard. The tree is gorgeous.

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  12. I can’t handle much dairy, so grits aren’t my thing. They’re not that good without milk and cheese. But I love chicken and waffles. Heck, I just love crunchy chicken! Like you, though, I dread middles. They feel like they last for FOREVER. Not to readers, I hope, but for writers. Your tree is beautiful. Ours hasn’t bloomed yet. It was thinking about it but then it got cold and snowed. Ugh. It’s so cute that Frankie loves getting her picture taken. You can tell she ran up to pose for the camera:)

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  13. I am waiting eagerly for my cherry tree to come into bloom.

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  14. Your chicken and grits look fabulous. Lovely tree.

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  15. Damyanti Biswas

    That looks absolutely yummylicious.

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  16. That dinner looks lovely! Hope you’re doing ok.

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  17. I’m a southern gal, Craig, and grits are something I love with eggs in the morning, and lots of other ways. Shrimp and grits is a favorite of mine. Alas, grits are a no-no for me, now. WAY too many carbs. 😦 And fried foods are out, too. But that picture has made me ravenously hungry for all of the above! Guess I’ll go eat an Atkins protein bar, instead. I’m SURE it will be just as good. (*snort*)

    The picture of your blooming crabapple tree and your bully babies did make me happy! Focus on those when the rest of this situation starts to pull you down. And keep smiling. This will all be a “Remember back when …” kinda thing one day. (I can’t wait.) 🙂

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  18. I hope you’re not feeling crotchety anymore. I really like the looks of your grits dish and puppers for the win! Surely those help you from being full on crotchety 🙂

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  19. Your mood is certainly understandable in these times we’re having. The dogs are as adorable as ever, and the tree is gorgeous! Feel better, my friend! 😊

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