Logging in today

This was my flex day, today. I dabbled on a lot of things, and didn’t really have much focus. Eventually, I decided writing might be a bit more focused.

I stuck with The Ballad of Mrs. Molony, which is my side project. I didn’t even keep a word count this time, but it feels close to 3000 words. Might be 2800 or so, but I have no way of proving it. It provides enough to send out to my critique group. I’ll have to do that later tonight.

I’m still trying to provide some fun things for everyone, but don’t have any new photos. It’s rainy outside and not worthy of photography. Both dogs have been to the vet this week, so they aren’t photo worthy either. We’re poor until payday, now.

In an effort to provide some fun things, I’m posting some Pinterest pages. People like memes, cute pictures, and graphics, so why not. The first one is the board I keep for Lizzie and The Hat. You can see what they did from other books, what they’re currently up to in Mrs. Molony, and what they might get up to in future books. Here’s the link.

The next one is my board for Grinders. If you’ve been curious about cyberpunk, some visuals that helped with the story, and other tidbits you can check it out. I shared some of my tour posts here, so you might have to scroll down a bit. I’m not going to post a purchase link today. The cover in my sidebar is linked if you’re interested. This is the Grinders Board.

Check out the boards and talk to me. There are some cool graphics involved, and obviously, you can share them on your own boards if you see something you like. Am I the only author who uses Pinterest this way?


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28 responses to “Logging in today

  1. I think you are an author who makes the best use of Pinterest boards.

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  2. Your Grinders Board is colorful and graphic and fun. I don’t use Pinterest, but I can see its appeal.

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  3. I’ve started keeping Pinterest boards for each one of my books, too, to remind me how Jazzi and her team will renovate each house they work on. It’s really helped me picture them and describe them better. I’m adding other stuff, too, to bring the story to life in my mind. Thanks for the idea!

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  4. Fun things are always appreciated.

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  5. Lack of focus seems to be a sign of the times at the moment. We do what we can, when we can, however we can. 🙂


  6. Glad you got some writing done, and got the dogs’ vet trips out of the way. At least with date nights needing to be at home for a while, it doesn’t matter that you’re broke for now.


  7. I love your boards, Craig. I should really try to make more use of Pinterest – pics and music really inspire me.

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  8. I used to use Pinterest like that. I’ve let my boards languish, and they could probably all use a refresher as well as my profile itself getting a re-do. On the list, but probably won’t happen for a while.

    Congrats on getting some words in. Glad Otto and Frankie are feeling better, but sorry about the unexpected expenses.

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  9. Hope the dogs are doing better each day, Craig, and congratulations on getting some serious writing done! Yay, you!

    I love your Pinterest boards. Once upon a time, I was very active on Pinterest, just for the fun of it. I even started a few new boards when I first began writing, but somehow, it disappeared from my daily routine. Or even a weekly, monthly, or yearly routine. Your boards have inspired me to clean up my act. I want to get rid of a couple of older boards, and set up new ones for each book. You are using yours well, and I can see them as both a source of inspiration and a draw to potential new readers. Great post! 🙂

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  10. Very interesting, Craig. I love the way you utilize Pinterest to help create story visuals. On Lizzie and the Hat board, I loved all the different styles of hats. 🙂 I tend to use Pinterest more as a place to save things I want to look at later. That’s where I save Story Empire posts I need to refer to later. 🙂 I haven’t thought of using it as a storyboard, but can see where it would be a great tool. Sort of like a vision board. Thanks for sharing!

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  11. That’s a great idea on Pinterest. My boards there are not nearly so organized.

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  12. I like the way you used Pinterest. I am so lax at using that in my writing. I don’t think I’ve been on there for months.

    Glad to hear your puppies are on the mend. My last visit to the vet was $400. Never a dull moment.

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  13. You do a good job with those boards. Mrs Molony doesn’t have a board yet, huh? Is she not Irish or Italian, not Maloney or Meloni? What is she like? Would I like her?
    I think she needs a board, Craig.

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  14. You’ve got some really cool — and some really creepy (the teeth!) pins on there, Craig. 🙂 Great job!

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