Still trying to post a nice thing or two

In light of current events, I’m sharing what little bits I can. In this year’s race toward Spring, it was neck and neck between the Asian pear tree and the flat peach tree.

The peach tree took the checkered flag.


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43 responses to “Still trying to post a nice thing or two

  1. I’m a little worried that we down under are going into Winter just as this virus hits. Hopefully the double whammy doesn’t have an extra impact 😦

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  2. I saw the most gorgeous crab apple blossoms today.:-)

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  3. Beautiful blossoms. Thanks, Craig.

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  4. Next come the birds returning, right?

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  5. Gwen M. Plano

    Beautiful! Our plum trees are in full bloom and are so lovely. We all need signs of Spring . . . especially now. 🦋

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  6. Gorgeous, Craig. We are going into winter here.

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  7. Mmm… Imagining those yummy peaches you’re going to have.

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  8. Nice! The Dogwood trees are starting to bloom here.

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  9. I’m always jealous of your peaches in the summer. At my old house, the birds always ate the fruit before we could pick it. (The trees are small ornamentals, so they don’t produce an abundant crop.) I’ll miss seeing them flower this year. Wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve already burst into bloom

    Your photo is lovely. That first pop of color when everything else is brown is always a joy.

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  10. I’m thinking we might have lost our Red Bud tree – I haven’t seen any blossoms yet, and the temps have been pretty mild.

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  11. I don’t see much color at my house. Everything is either brown, or green. Nothing is blooming yet. Even if it did, I kill all plants and based on my black thumb, we have had to remove all the dead plants. So, I have no flowering plants.

    I do remember my Grandma had a peach and an apple tree in her yard when I was growing up. They always produced well and were beautiful. She also had the best garden with blueberries and many veggies that we don’t plant.

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  12. Thank you so much for sharing a BRIGHT moment in the natural cycle of things. I love flowering fruit trees and they don’t do particularly well in most of Florida. I love redbuds, too, and the same thing is true. SO nice to see yours, offering a sign of rebirth and hope, and reminding folks that life will go on! More, please???? 😀 ❤

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  13. I’m almost done pruning my cherry tree. Not today, though. It’s decided to snow.

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  14. And the winner is!!! Thanks for sharing, Craig!

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  16. WOW, that’s beautiful! As you may have read on FB, someone stole my single lemon, so I’m just bummed as far as fruit trees go. I had no idea peach trees had such beautiful blossoms!

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