A blogging kind of weekend

I didn’t even try to write new fiction this weekend. I only get two days, and Old What’s Her Face was off for both of them. I decided to dedicate my time to blogging.

Most of this is the slow promotion of Grinders. I wrote a post that should go live tomorrow, and I’ll try to find time to share it here. I was also invited to do an interview for an old friend, and that will post next week sometime. My promo is all set through this week.

I’m enjoying this promo tour a lot more than past ones. I can manage two a week, and it’s far superior to multiple posts per day for one week. There could be something to keeping the book in the public eye for a longer period of time.

I also wrote and scheduled my next post for Story Empire. I’m working my way through the Character Archetypes over there, and most of them have been pretty fun. This post was work. The Trickster is an odd character to write about, and there are nearly as many opinions about it as there are writing blogs. I have it ready to post later this month, and there is time to tweak it here and there.

Aside from that, welcome to Daylight Savings Time. There is a bill running through the Idaho Legislature to pick one and stay with it all year. Of course it didn’t happen in time to prevent us from changing today. I really don’t care, but know it bothers a lot of people. I need to call my parents this morning, but I’m dragging my feet. Mom probably won’t adopt DST until she gets up this morning.

We managed date night last night, since it was payday. We went to Old Chicago for beer and pizza. I’m halfway toward earning my St. Patrick’s Day tee shirt. We can go back the next payday and complete it. After that we stopped off for tennis balls and Nylabones. It’s not like the dogs are neglected, and sometimes we ought to remember the marketing is designed to hook people.

I’d like to do some reading, but between feisty dogs with new toys, and Old What’s Her Face, it might not happen.

I noticed that I haven’t had a lot of images here lately. All blog posts are better with graphics, and I know that. So here’s a picture of Otto, trying to talk Mom into taking him for coffee. He likes the ride, the baristas all pet him, and he gets one called a pupaccino.

Mom, it’s time to go.


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43 responses to “A blogging kind of weekend

  1. I gotta admit, the Otto photo takes this blog post from good to super-cute great!

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  2. Ugh. DST is never fun. Think we have a bill trying to pass in New York to get rid of it too.

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  3. Damyanti Biswas

    Otto adds love and cuteness to everything.

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  4. It is nice to have the pictures, Craig. This one is so cute. If I didn’t write over 2-day weekends when my husband was at home, I would never write at all. It a good thing I am good at blocking out noises of all sorts [giggle].

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  5. In my latest WIP, I have Lucifer take credit for DST. No far from the truth. Otto should get to go for sure.

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  6. I was enjoying your whole post until I got to Otto. Then, everything else you said went right out of my head!

    Otto ROCKS!! If I hadn’t just said goodbye to our last dog (as in, we aren’t adopting any more), I’d offer you BIG BUCKS for Otto. (Okay, so I don’t actually HAVE big bucks, but I’d offer you something!) I guess what I’m trying to say is, I think I’m in love with your bulldog. *sigh* 😀

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  7. How could anyone resist Otto! That pup needs his pupaccino!

    I didn’t do any writing this weekend either. I worked on blog posts for a new promo and put together a newsletter. Other than that there was a lot of around the house stuff, and it warmed up enough for a short walk. Tomorrow there are rumors of 70 degrees. It’s pathetic how I watch the weather these days. I feel like certain characters in a certain ship’s crows nest, looking for warm temps instead of land. 😉

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  8. Reblogged this on Where Genres Collide Traci Kenworth YA Author & Book Blogger for all Genres as well as craft books and commented:
    I wonder if all book tours wouldn’t manage better in the long run by doing slow posts of a couple a week for a longer extended time than rushing through for a shorter period?

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    • That’s kind of my test, and it isn’t working any worse. A big part of it is keeping each post original. People aren’t getting the same thing over and over. Thanks for sharing my weekend update.


      • Sounds like a good strategy, Craig! I will have to remember it when it’s my turn in the future. Provided my publisher doesn’t send me here and there, lol. You’re welcome and have a good week!

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  9. Otto steals the show, of course! 😉 Sadie enjoys a pup cup, which is just a tiny shot of whip. She knows tho.
    I had a fantastic weekend. I am grateful. I hope this coming week is even half as good as last week. Wishing you a great week, too, despite the stupid DST.

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  10. D.L. Finn, Author

    Thats definitely a look at wants to tag along.

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  11. Dog pics may not help with sales, but they probably increase page visits (which can increase sales) and they definitely increase good will (which we all know makes people buy more). I love that you can get your furry family “pupaccinos” when you go out. That’s something my dogs would have loved, had we had a place to do that.

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  12. Pupaccino – I love it.

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  13. Dare we ask what’s in the pupachino?

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  14. Sounds like a very productive weekend. I’m enjoying your Story Empire posts… Even if it takes me a while to read them after they’re up most times, and I rarely bother commenting over there.

    Our clocks don’t change for another few weeks. I don’t mind that they do it, but wish they’d do all clocks on the same weekend, rather than the UK being two or three weeks before or after the US (when they go forward, yours happen first as a rule, when they go back, it’s usually the other way around). Although, not doing it at all would be easier still, so I wouldn’t argue if they decided to stop doing it at all.

    I’ve heard of the pupaccino, but not sure if any of the places near us do it, since we haven’t really been out for tea/coffee recently, with or without the dogs. Knowing Lilie she probably wouldn’t drink it anyhow, since she’s a picky dog, especially when we’re out. Logan is another matter though, and would gladly finish Lilie’s for her if she decides it’s not acceptable… Logan will eat or drink anything he’s offered.

    By the way, I finished reading “Grinders” in time for the review to go up on my blog this past Thursday, in case you didn’t see it and want to check it out.

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  15. Puppachino. Love it!

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  16. How could anyone ignore a face like Otto’s and leave without him? A dog has needs, too:) Getting blogs done is always a nice thing. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with something at the last minute. I’m a Mercy Thompson, by Patricia Briggs fan, and Mercy’s father is Coyote, the trickster. I enjoy reading about him, but he’s hard to pin down to explain. At least, for me.

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    • They usually just stay with me when my wife has to work. They’re okay with that, but they know when she’s going for coffee. It’s like they’re psychic or something. The Trickster was hard to write about, but I may have something to offer on the archetype.

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  17. Otto is adorable! It sounds like even with the errands and date night, you had a little time for your blog audience. Florida passed a DST bill here over a year ago blocking changing the time, but even with it passed, we haven’t started it yet. Makes us mad that they didn’t let the people vote on it, only the lawmakers.

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  19. I’m playing catch-up from being on Spring Break with my kids and grandkids, so making the rounds. I hope the bill goes through for Idaho. Arizona did it and I wish Texas would too!

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