Time for some Woodford Reserve

Today was my flex day. I started off with my usual surf through social media, read blogs, etc.

Then I turned my attention to the Lanternfish manuscript. I always read my last chapter before starting, and managed to correct a couple of typos. (Probably missed some, too.) I do this to get back into the story.

My goal was to have them sail away from their stop in Giapon by the end of the morning. I kind of made it.

This is because there was a lot to do. Serang needed to appoint officers on her inferior ship. None of the people aboard like each other, but she made a good start with them. Its sail pattern is inferior, and its going to have a hard time even keeping up with Lanternfish or La Girona, and they aren’t fast ships.

This led to some team building when a new sail pattern required construction of additional sails. They used people from all the various factions and Serang made them work together.

I also planted a little surprise for James in the form of a gift from the shogun. He isn’t interested in his new teenage concubine, but his adopted son sure is. The hopes are that some of this tension can carry my story while they sail the arctic waters. This new character will get a bigger moment later in the story.

In an emergency, I have a loose idea for an encounter with a monster that will happen outside of James’s view. He will only get a report from the root monsters after the fact. I need to figure out how to drop enough clues as they call the monster Waltus, so readers can figure out it was a walrus monster. I’ll only write it if I think the story could use it.

At the end of my day, Lanternfish and La Girona were still tied to the dock. Serang’s ship, called a turtle boat, was being pushed away from the dock by some pole men. May sound lame, but I’m counting it. They’re leaving now.

Research said the turtle boat was a real thing, and seems to have some connection to the Korean Peninsula. I also got lucky with names again. While Giapon is an old reference to Japan, Goryeo is an old reference to Korea. These make good names for my fictional locations.

I ended my fiction at 2900 words. My next section will be finishing the repairs while at sea. James wants to get the natives away from Giapon, and hopes to avoid a revolt over taking them away. It was a good day for me.

Grinders is still chugging along. I contacted two more hosts for next week, and already heard back from one. I prepared that post and sent it out. It’s a post about my antagonist, so I think it could draw some real attention.

Tonight it’s Woodford Reserve on the rocks. Back to the paycheck job tomorrow.


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46 responses to “Time for some Woodford Reserve

  1. Reblogged this on Loleta Abi Author & Book Blogger and commented:
    Getting there, Craig! Cheering you on!

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  2. Sounds like you had a great day!

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  3. Good progress and interesting turns for the characters. Looking forward to it when it’s ready.

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  4. A lovely day for you, Craig. I also wrote a bit yesterday but I only managed 1 100 words. The history of China, Japan and Korea is very interesting and would have lots of scope for the imagination.

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    • I’ve convinced myself I need to move on from Asian concepts. Yak Guy, Voyage of the Lanternfish, Serang, even part of Grinders. It just dawned on me the other day. Maybe I’ll write my African adventure story.

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  5. Sounds like an excellent writing day.

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  6. Looks like great progress. Turtle boat sounds familiar. Though I keep imagining something that retracts into itself.

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  7. That looks like a great writing day, Craig. I joined you ‘in spirits’ just not on the rocks, lol. The story sounds like it’s really shaping up 🙂

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  8. A good writing day. I love Woodford – just no rocks.

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  9. As the others have said, looks to me like you got a LOT done! I’m impressed with how well you spent your time and how much you accomplished. My goal is to become better at doing the same thing. Congratulations! 🙂 (I’ll toast you with a cuppa Earl Grey, though, if that’s okay. 😀 )

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  10. That’s an interesting new character you’re introducing to Lanterfish. I bet you had fun writing the scenes of James discovering his “gift.”
    Sounds like you got a lot accomplished. Nice, productive day!

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  11. Now I’m intrigued. An adopted son AND a concubine? And two more ships. Should be plenty to keep things interesting. I’m looking forward to reading this one!

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  12. D.L. Finn, Author

    Sounds like a very productive day! You are always welcome over on my blog:)

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  13. It sounds like a great writing day to me! I can picture Serang forcing different factions to work together. She can be quite convincing! And, btw, a bit of Woodford Reserve sounds great to me too. 🙂

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  14. Too bad these posts come out after I shut down for the day. I was going to join you in a Willett. But I didn’t know.

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  15. I love the factual nods to Giapon and Goryeo. It sounds as if your momentum is still going strong and you had a productive day.

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  16. Sounds like a productive (and fun) use of the flex day.

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  18. Antagonist? I like posts about antagonists…

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  19. Can I vote for the root monsters to tell the story of the walrus monster?

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