New Release: Grinders by C.S. Boyack #cyberpunk #speculativefiction @Virgilante

I’m hanging out with Mae Clair today. The topic is some of the technology used in Grinders. Specifically artificial intelligence and robots. Stop over and join the conversation. Mae is a fabulous author in her own right. Check out her works and follow her blog while you’re there.

From the Pen of Mae Clair

Happy Monday! Welcome to the last week of February. Today my good friend C.S. Boyack has dropped by with his newest release, Grinders. I was fortunate to get a sneak peek of this highly imaginative novel and am enthralled by this one, folks. I asked Craig to share a bit about his AI creations (especially Cole) and holobarkers (a creation I’ve been in love with since he first introduced them in a short story by the same name). Here’s Craig to tell you more…

Thanks for inviting me over today, Mae. I won’t go into a lot of detail that will show up in the blurb, this is a cyberpunk novel. That means extensive world building on par with fantasy, and part of that is artificial intelligence and robots. Those are my topics for today.

Grinders is set in San Francisco, so it’s already got a leg up on being colorful…

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9 responses to “New Release: Grinders by C.S. Boyack #cyberpunk #speculativefiction @Virgilante

  1. It’s my pleasure to host you, Craig. Thanks for the reblog and intro. I hope you get lots of takers with Grinders. It’s a fab book!

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  2. It was a wonderful guest post, Craig, and I shared from there, as well as here. 🙂 Can’t wait to meet Cole. (A surname in my WRR series.) 😀 I’m very interested in your cyberpunk world! 🙂

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  3. All the best on the launch

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  4. I enjoyed your post on Mae’s blog, Craig! I hope this book gets a lot of attention!

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