Pretty regular day

We managed a small date night last night. It amounted to dinner at the Outback, followed by stopping at the pet store to pick up dog food. Nothing too fancy, but we rented Zombieland Double Tap when we got home. Both of us really enjoyed it.

I started my day by calling my parents. Our conversations were mostly political, but that’s not appropriate for this site. It was just nice to talk to both of them for a while.

Old What’s Her Face and I had a nice breakfast, then I worked on a couple of smaller projects. I don’t have either project quite ready for a critique submission, but I sent them both out anyway. My partners might appreciate some shorter submissions for a change.

Part of this decision is the fact that I have a three day weekend coming up. That would give me some time to address the issues they found and move one of the projects ahead. The Lanternfish is my main project, and is slightly over 60,000 words so far. My side project finally broke 10,000 words. Things are perking along, even though I didn’t work on them this weekend.

My first tour post is scheduled for tomorrow. This one supports the new book, Grinders. I’ll be sharing it, and responding to comments on my host’s site. I also sent my list on to the next potential host. I hope I can write something for him during the weeknights.

Aside from that, I paid the bills and did regular stuff that everyone else has to do. None of it’s too sexy, but it all counts. Touring the new book should gather some new sales, and that’s why we do it.

Next weekend, I should be able to add some words to the Lanternfish project. Fingers crossed for that.

Hope all of you had a great weekend.


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41 responses to “Pretty regular day

  1. Lanternfish is moving right along. It sounds like a nice weekend.

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  2. I’m always happy to hear that Lanternfish is making progress:) My HH and I like the Outback, but I wish they didn’t put the calorie count for the Bloomin’ Burger and fries on the menu. It’s almost a whole week’s calories–or at least it’s a lot! Sounds like you got enough done to call it a successful weekend. Always good.

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  3. Sounds like good progress. I was able to manage a writer’s group meet-up Sat. evening although I had to miss tonight. Maybe Tues. Caught up on some blog posts. Got some reading in. And shortly, leaving to pick up my daughter. Have a great weekend, Craig!

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  4. Your regular day still sounds rather successful. Enjoy that three day weekend coming up.

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  5. My better half and I saw Zombieland Double Tap at the theatre. I really enjoyed it. Good movie and it keeps it light and have some very funny moments. Happy weekend!

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  6. Your weekend sounds eventful, John

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  7. A date night is a must and Outback was our favorite restaurant for a while. We usually change restaurants every few months. Your progress was terrific, Craig!

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  8. Sounds like an enjoyable date night, and like the projects are moving along nicely. Good luck with the Grinders tour, and don’t forget to feel free to send that list on to me if you need to.

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  9. Best of luck with Grinders and the touring, Craig. Hope your other projects continue along nicely for you 🙂

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  10. Sounds like a full weekend. And a full week to come.

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  11. Date nights. Date nights. *musing here* Oh, yeah! I remember Date Nights! Sorta. A bit hazy but I’m almost positive we used to have those, too. And I say go ahead and eat the Bloomin’ Onions. Live fast, love hard, and die young, they say. Of course, some of us (me) don’t have to worry about that last one. That ship has already sailed.

    And good for you getting some progress made on your WIPs! I haven’t written a word in two weeks, thanks to projects on the house, like taking apart the entire shower, removing the sliding glass doors and tracks, scraping off old, crumbling sealer, and otherwise causing our old bodies to be stiff and sore this morning. I think you deserve some major congrats for getting work done AND still managing to have a … what was it called again? …oh, yeah–Date Night! You rock, Craig! 🙂

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  12. I’m still impressed by your ability to work on two projects at once. Some day I must try it and see if I can ping-pong between the two. You are so productive that way.
    Glad you had a nice date night. We worked on home projects on Sunday,but I’m hoping for writing time in the coming week.

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  13. So glad to hear that Lanternfish is moving along! I will be watching for the Grinders posts so I can share them!

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  14. It sounds like things are very productive in your neck of the woods, and that’s always a bonus. And the date night sounds perfect, too. 🙂

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  15. Not too shabby for a ‘regular’ day. 🙂

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  16. Being a zombie fan, I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never gotten around to watching Zombieland – and now the sequel is out. I need to make a point of watching both movies.

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  17. I can’t wait for the next Lanternfish. But I know that there are other projects that we need to do as well. You had a good weekend and that’s what counts.

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