Well, it happened

WordPress updated their app to the new block editor. There was the old editor which worked extremely well. Then there was the new editor which everyone hated, causing them to dig deep and keep using the old editor. Then the new block editor came along AKA Gutenberg.

For the most part, everyone hates this one, too. I figured I’d have to adapt or die, so I used it earlier today. I’m using it right now. As far as text goes, it’s no big deal.

My first experience was assembling a promotion post for a friend. I prepared and scheduled it here, then opened the old editor to add links and graphics. That’s workable, but not as cool as being able to do it all here. I like to left justify book covers and author photos. I’m going to try an experiment right here. I want to add a left justified image to this block of text. – Nope. Didn’t work. It can go above or below this paragraph, but not left justified right here.

I started writing my next Story Empire post. This one is about The Herald character. There is a certain amount of research that goes into these, too. It’s part of my Character Archetypes series over there. If you missed out on The Ally, you can click the link in this paragraph.

I’m also dabbling at some promotion for Grinders. Once again, I’m trying something new. This time I prepared a list of topics. I’m emailing that list around to my hosts. Once they choose, I’ll write the post, then do a strike-through on that topic, and add the date it will post. This is an attempt to spread promo out, keep each post original, and avoid traffic when everyone posts at once. Might work well – might be a complete disaster, but I’m doing it this way.

After I sort out each one, I’ll forward the list to my next host and let them choose. Maybe this way I can keep it going for two weeks, and won’t have to reblog several posts in one day. I’m also staying open to suggestions, because maybe someone has a theme going on their specific blog, and I can custom write something for that.

Early sales and reviews matter for a book. If you might be interested in Grinders, the image in the sidebar is linked. I think people are going to like this one, but I always feel that way. Other things you can do are to add it on Goodreads, express interest in it on BookBub, and to share it on your social media.

I don’t see myself getting any new words down this weekend. I only get two days, and Sundays are always tougher. Maybe I can get more posts about Grinders prepared and have those ready.

Today is Mom’s birthday, so I called her. I’ll still call them tomorrow. I like to stay in touch, and if some small bit of time is what it costs, it’s worth it.

We’re going to work in a small date night tonight, and might rent a movie. I also need to pay the bills sometime this weekend. Mundane stuff, but it all matters.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend out there doing some fun things.


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59 responses to “Well, it happened

  1. It would be so nice if WP would just leave everything the hell alone.

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  2. 🙂 I have not used the Gutenberg editor via the WordPress app. But, I have used it regularly on my laptop computer since it was in Beta.

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  3. Enjoy the date night. Sounds like the new editor has some kinks in it.

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  4. Spreading out your promotion sounds like a good idea, so does offering topics for hosts to choose from. Good luck with it. We’re having a quiet weekend. I spent most of the day yesterday at the hospital, waiting while my sister had a procedure done. Everything turned out great, and I got a lot of reading done on my Kindle. It sure wore me out, though. I’m not good at sitting and waiting. Hope your mom has a wonderful birthday, and wishing you a happy Sunday.

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  5. Looking forward to reading Grinders. Holding back in the new editor myself.

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  6. I am just getting used too it. Not a big fan yet, but trying to keep an open mind. Hope you had a good date night

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  7. Is it me, or is life becoming more and more complicated?

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  8. An old down-south saying WordPress might consider: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I’m still using the very fist WP editor, which comes with a notice at the top that I should switch, but which I’m totally ignoring. Sooner or later, they’ll probably take the decision out of my hands, and then I’ll be well and truly ticked off. Good luck with the new one, Craig, and with everything else on your agenda. 🙂 (And I say, yes, life is growing more complicated, confusing, and often downright annoying every day.)

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    • I still use the original, too. I don’t mind trying their whizbang new stuff, but I need a way to accomplish what I want blogs to look like. I hope the original remains an option. So many technical upgrades resemble projects that someone created for job security more than anything helpful.

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      • Some of the newest tricks look very nice, but a bit slick for my own blog. I like a more casual, down-home, chatty look for myself. But that’s just a personal preference. I hate when “improvements” take away our choices. BTW, love the background image here. Very cool! 🙂

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      • Thanks. I took that photo of the frozen pond outside my office. When I showed it to a few co-workers they went out and snapped photos themselves.

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  9. I wish they’d stop trying to “improve” things that are working just fine now. Really anoying.

    Anyway, happy belated birthday to your Mom, and good luck doing all those things that need to get done, but aren’t as much fun as writing.

    I’ve shared the news about your book around, and got a copy, as you know. But it’s not on my Goodreads yet, because I didn’t see it on there when I looked (I was probably too quick doing so, since it was right after you announced it was live). I’ll look for it again later, and add it when I find it. Then it will be there ready for me to put a review up when I read it (which I’m hoping to do soon).

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  10. Hey, don’t forget I owe you some promo time. Feel free to e-mail me your list of topics.

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  11. All in the name of progress, I suppose, Craig. I’ve been using the new editor for quite some time now and have gotten familiar with it. At least enough to make posts. 🙂 Staci Troilo helped me with a big issue I had with links, thank goodness! I appreciated that greatly. If you’d like a day on my blog to promote Grinders, Thursdays work best for me. I stayed in last night but going to hear some music this afternoon before I go to the airport to pick up my daughter.

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  12. I dislike the block editor immensely! It’s great for deleting mass works, but horrible for saving!

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  13. Hubby and hosted a family party yesterday and it was a blast. Today, we did some around the house stuff we’ve been meaning to get to, and a lot of online computer accounts that needed to be set up. I had hoped to work in some writing time, but it never happened.
    Congrats on Grinders. You’ve got a good plan with how your working your promo posts. And for what it’s worth, I actually rather like Gutenberg, but it does take getting used to.

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  14. P.S….did you know with Gutenberg, you can insert a “Classic block” and within that book have the same options as your old WP editor? You’ll be able to left align your photos that way. I use the classic block when I want to add a gallery, because that option is still cumbersome in Gutenberg.

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  15. That’s one on my bigger pet peeves — when the powers that be decide to “make things more user-friendly” only they just take away our options and make it more user-frustrating instead. At least the rest of your day sounded like it was a nice time spent with those you love.

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  16. I’m dreading this new block editor – promised myself I’d try it out before I was forced to, but still haven’t gotten around to it.

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  17. I haven’t posted in so long I didn’t know they’d updated to the block editor. Guess that means I’d better give it a look. Gulp.

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  18. I posted late last night and noticed I am no longer able to or in the know of how to post side by side photos in a gallery. Normally those little squares can fit 2 or 3 in a row. Nope.
    Stupid new editor.

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    • I still have more experimenting. I wonder if we can drag the frame to shape, then write beside it? Haven’t tried that yet. I still use the old editor to add left or right justified graphics.


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