A different kind of week

I spent the first two days of it sick. This means sick enough to stay home from work. It’s one of those typical sinus things I seem to get about every other winter. This one came with fever and deep coughing. It’s worse when I sleep, so I haven’t been getting much of that.

Wednesday, I got up and assessed how I felt. I decided I could return to the office. I tried to hit it hard in the morning, and got a lot accomplished. I probably should have stopped at noon. The shivering returned, but I had aspirin with me. After a couple of those it settled down. I think the fever broke for good near quitting time.

I probably wasn’t firing on all cylinders either day, but I managed to get more accomplished than I could have from home.

Today was my flex day and I looked forward to some writing. When I left Lanternfish, they’d landed in Giapon and stumbled into a dangerous situation. Today was the day to flesh out that situation.

It wound up being a section of dialog, and I felt pretty good about it. This exchange is supposed to take place over several days, and my goal is to have it come across like a verbal chess match with a very powerful man.

I’d like to break this up with some other goings on that involve the crew. This shouldn’t be too hard, but I’m going to try minimizing the root monsters. They had a pretty active role in the last part, and readers can get too much of a good thing.

All told, I was happy with today’s progress until I checked my word count. 676 words! That’s all I managed. I know low output days are part of the gig, but that’s pretty minuscule by my standards.

There are several reasons for this, one of which could be my cold. It may be that I’ve truly reached the middle slog, like happens on every book. It could also simply be one of those off days that happens to all of us.

Old What’s Her Face has to go in at midnight, then pull a double shift tomorrow. In theory, I should be able to accomplish a bit more then. However, I agreed to stay up until she goes to work. My coughing all night isn’t going to help her get a little sleep. I also need to get a haircut, but could do that any time tomorrow.

My goals are to nudge Lanternfish ahead in the morning, get the haircut in the afternoon, then my wife is alluding to date night in the evening. I don’t have faith that she’ll want to go out after that shift, but will stay open to the idea.


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44 responses to “A different kind of week

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re sick. You got shivering, coughing, and fever, I hope it’s not the flu that’s going on like crazy. You did considerably well with 676 words even when you’re not well. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Take care, Craig!

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  2. Sorry you were so sick for a lot of the week. Hey, considering you’re recovering from being so sick, getting any words done is an achievement.

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  3. I am sorry you are sick, Craig. I hope it passes quickly. 700 to 800 words is pretty normal for me in one sitting. Sometimes I can double it but not if it is a historical section.

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    • I lament the lost time. I didn’t do much when this cold really had hold of me. I’d like to make up for it, but that’s probably not the right attitude. I just need to accept it, work within my current limitations, and be happy with that.

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  4. Good to hear you’re rallying, Craig. Hard to keep a good man down for too long!

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  5. Small word amounts when sick is still an accomplishment. I’m usually too out of it to get anywhere when I have a cold or the flu. So, at least it’s something in a difficult situation.

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  6. It’s no fun being sick.:-( Enjoy your date night!

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  7. There are days when I don’t manage 300 words. But I know that’s frustrating when it happens.

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  8. Verbal chess matches are the best.

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  9. D.L. Finn, Author

    Any words added is a good day. Continue feeling better!

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  10. My daughter’s a nurse and works 12-hour shifts. I hope your wife isn’t doing two of those back to back. Whatever her shifts are, being a nurse is hard work. Back to back wipes you out. With your cold and her work, I hope you two can function when she gets home:) And some types of scenes are harder to write than others. If you accomplished a hard one in 672 words, I think that counts as a win. Your new Lanternfish sounds fun. Can’t wait to read it.

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  11. I agree with D.L. Any words are good! Hugs and hope you feel better soon!

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  12. It is so hard to press forward and be creative when you are sick. I’d say 676 words is pretty darn good all considered. I hope you are back to 100% by now, Craig!

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  13. It sounds like the cold is winding down to the final stages which is good. And maybe 676 words isn’t a treasure trove, but it’s still words. I wanted to work on my WIP today. Instead I spent the time finalizing formatting on a short story for Kindle publication and doing research for a blog post. Glad to put both of those behind me, but feeling bummed I didn’t manage more on the WIP.

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  14. Hope you’re feeling better by now, Craig.

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  15. I’m still a few days behind on my blog-reading, but I hope things are on the upswing. 🙂 You can’t beat yourself up when health issues interfere with word counts — the words written when you’re ill (or least when I’m ill) are usually not the best quality, anyway. Besides, I know you’re a word warrior and will more than catch up with things in short order once you’re on the mend! 🙂


  16. Damyanti Biswas

    Wish you a speedy recovery.

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  17. Sorry you got the sick. I sure hope you’re better now 🙂
    I’ve become a believer in Zicam. Zycam? Whatever, the chewy zinc things that you eat when you’re afraid a sick is coming. Mentor killed a cold quickly with it and I’ve been sold since. She has asthma and once a cold moves to her chest it can take her out for days, so she tried it and I tried it and I’m a believer. Our office stocks it, and I am yet to get some for home, cause the kids are germy all winter thus far!

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    You deserve my follow right away!!!

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