Weekend efforts

The writing cabin was quiet all weekend. Lisa is off somewhere with Sean Harrington making promotional art for Grinders. You would think this is the perfect opportunity to get some writing done, but it didn’t play out that way.

I still have the cover reveal happening for Grinders. There are multiple posts across the blogosphere currently, and if you find one, I’d appreciate a tweet or FB post in support. I love comments, and am circling back through to keep up with those.

I paid the invoice for book formatting, and already received the finished product back. Grinders is easier to format than one of The Hat books, because it does not include the silly little graphics of that series.


Doubt, the oversized raven who was a gift from my Muse, stared glared at me from across the office. He opened his wings then glided to my desk. “Glorp. Glorp.

Despite their similarities, Ravens are not crows, and make the damndest collection of noises. He pecked at the back of my iPad. “Glorp.”

“Not this time, pal. I think Grinders is a good story. All my advance readers are excited for it, and you aren’t going to bring me down about it.”

“Chugga, glorp.”

“Okay, so it won’t publish for Chinese New Year. That only matters to me. Readers won’t care one way or the other. They just want a good story. Once Lisa gets home with the posters, I’ll make it available.”

“Chu, chu, chugga.”

“No. You’re not getting into my head this time. It’s always a concern with a new book, but my stuff has been well received in the past. I have the cover. I have the formatted copy, and once Lisa gets home, I’ll start writing blog posts and contacting people about my tour.”

He paced back and forth across the desktop. “Glup-glorp. Glup-glorp.”

“Do your damndest, but I haven’t got time for you right now.”

He continued to pace and scold, but I opened the HMS Lanternfish file and added about 1500 words to that story. It still isn’t enough to send out to my critique group, but about half of them still have the submission for the next story about Lizzie & The Hat. I don’t want to wear out my welcome in the group.

Lanternfish sailed away from Bungo Bungo, and the root monsters had a unique spin on story time. They might have taken things a bit too far this round, and I had to figure out some punishment details for them.

Everyone seems to be on good terms once more, but it’s a long way to Giapon. James can’t use his magical sextant now, because they have La Girona in their wake. La Girona is a ship they captured, and might be quite valuable to the war effort, if they ever get there.

Sailing to Giapon, and on to the war, has to be done the old fashioned way. This poses some issues for me. In fiction, you have to take the boring stuff out. I may move the story ahead to Giapon, or I might have another sea based encounter for them. Right now, I’m leaning toward moving the story forward. I have a whole week to dwell on it now. Besides, after Giapon I need to do even more sailing, so a monster there might be more appropriate.

“Glup, glup, glup.”

“No. I’m not going to write a raven into my story. Go back to your perch. I have to check on comments along my cover reveal trail.”


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26 responses to “Weekend efforts

  1. Ignore Doubt. Your story will be just fine. And, you had a productive weekend.

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  2. D.L. Finn, Author

    Ravens can be loud and get into the garbage:) Enjoy your cover reveal!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Made me smile. And shame on your Muse. Why give you Doubt to keep you company? Even though I, for one, find him especially entertaining.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Nice to see you moving along.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You definitely need to shush Doubt away from Grinders. It’s such a strong story, that raven has no business nosing around. With all you’re accomplishing you make me feel like a slacker!

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  6. Glorp is a good word. Doubt has no place in your work 🙂

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  7. Great job on adding new words, and especially on not letting Doubt get to you.

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  8. Nice seeing that cover of Grinders all over the blogosphere, Craig – and don’t listen to Doubt!

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  9. I think the premise for Grinders is very interesting, Craig.

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  10. Ravens are tricky people like that. 😉

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  11. S.C. Jensen

    I love ravens and I can picture the Glorping noise perfectly! Doubt would be a raven, too. Pesky scavenger, but very clever about getting in where it doesn’t belong.

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