Saturday efforts

Today, I sent out the first submission of my side project. This one involves Lizzie and the hat in their third adventure. They’re chasing vampires this time in a rodeo/country music type environment. I know I’ve kind of avoided vampires, but believe I can put a different spin on it, and still keep the humor the characters have become known for. I’m chewing my nails to find out what my critique group thinks of it all.

I also sent out the manuscript of Grinders to my formatter. She sent me an invoice, but I’m loath to pay it until tomorrow. She’s already completed the finished product, but I can’t publish until I have my Lisa Burton promotional posters. What would one of my releases be without Lisa?

Speaking of Grinders, several bloggers offered to host a cover reveal for me. I sent all those out, and several have posted already. I’m not reblogging these because they’re all the same. If you find one online somewhere, I would appreciate a tweet or Facebook post. I’m getting some nice comments on these, so I have high hopes about the eventual publication.

I wanted to get something out for Chinese New Year, and the cover reveal is that attempt. I’m a few weeks away from publication.

I’ve been working on a critique for a friend, and am about half-way through the submission. I’ll probably finish it tomorrow. Our rules are to send the feedback to the entire group, and it’s a great way to raise my own game. Sometimes we don’t know everything and a bit of effort like this helps me improve my own fiction.

Then I scheduled my next Story Empire post. This one is a continuation of the Character Archetypes; the Mentor. I hope it will be well received.

I’m off until Tuesday, so I have high hopes for Monday. I don’t quite have enough to send out the next section of Lanternfish, but could have by Monday night. The crew left the magical floating island of Bungo Bungo and are headed for Giapon. This is a stand-in for Japan in my story. This is the country that Serang’s Emperor has been at war with for decades. Maybe I can build some tension with placing her in this environment.

Sunday is the day I call my parents, and spend some time with my family. There are some Sundays when I can read or maybe write a paragraph or two, but I don’t usually push it on Sundays.

Old What’s Her Face and I had a lovely date night at one of our favorite places, Kahoots. They have a great selection on tap right now, so I had a Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout, a nice Scotch Ale, and a Expresso Stout. Aside from that, the prime rib was outstanding.

With all that wonderful beer, that’s why I’ll pay my invoice tomorrow. I’m going to watch an old movie tonight and just chill. Hope you’re all having a good weekend in whatever you’re doing.


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37 responses to “Saturday efforts

  1. You have a lot going on to work on and coordinate. I’m glad you took some time out for a nice date. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  2. I think I am busy enough, but your schedule makes my head spin…

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  3. Sounds like a great balance of work and family time.

    Glad the cover reveal for Grinders is going well. Hope everyone showing interest buys it when it’s out.

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  4. All the best with the cover reveal! How do you do it all?

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  5. Sounds like a very good day had. Best of luck with your writing in your days off.

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  6. Sounds like a busy and productive swirl of activity, Craig, with clear priorities too. Enjoy.

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  7. Sounds like a busy time. Sorry I missed the cover reveal call to arms.

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  8. I missed the cover reveal call. I guess you want fresh fish in the pond, which I understand. Thought of you last night when I drank a Deschutes Black Butt porter. Nice and smooth.

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  9. Something’s wrong with me, cause tacos and rice are ready, but suddenly I want prime rib and a bourbon. Maybe later.
    Good for you on the work.
    What if Lisa has an important robot conference and isn’t available? 😛 I went a different direction.

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  10. Glad your cover reveal and blurb built up interest in GRINDERS. And since I’m a Lanternfish fan, glad you’re making progress on it, too. Your date night sounds wonderful. My hubs is a lover of prime rib. Great name for a place–Kahoots. Enjoy your Sunday, and good luck with the words on Monday.

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  11. I’m a day behind. Hubby is sick with a wretched sinus infection and chest cold, so we’ve been low-key this weekend, although we did manage dinner out on Friday and breakfast out on Saturday. He insisted because it’s my birthday weekend. He keeps telling me we’re going to have a “do over” next weekend.

    I’m jazzed you’re getting eyes on the cover reveal for Grinders. I can’t wait to see the Lisa posters. For some reason I’m imagining her as Brandi who you mentioned in your post.

    No writing for me this weekend, but I did 5 blog posts. I have a big promo coming up in February and am trying to get a few things in place before the month arrives.

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  12. More Lizzie and the Hat – yay! Looking forward to the new Lisa artwork. That bourbon barrrel sounds amazing.

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  13. I am WAY late to this party, Craig, but had to throw in my two cents worth. 🙂 I shared out all the Grinders cover reveal posts and hope they garnered some interest. They got my attention. You are so right about not releasing a new book without Lisa. After all, she is an expert at getting attention! Sounds like a great date night and I relate to having to juggle the money. It all ties in with my Tarot Tuesday post this week. 🙂


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