Strange Weekend

I had writing goals, plus some other authorly chores I needed to attend to this weekend.

The plus side was having almost enough words to send out a critique section of the next Lanternfish. Almost… So I added 1800 words on Friday and figured I was good to go.

When it came time to clip the section out of the MS, it only came to 3500 words??? I have no idea. I must have sent out a larger section the last time than I intended. Those were the last new words I’ve produced all weekend.

Most of my time was dedicated to reading Grinders from front to back. I accomplished that, and spotted a few places that needed adjustments. I also did my word searches and fixed all the simple errors.

After that, I sent an inquiry off to my formatter. I might be able to send it off before the holiday ends tomorrow.

I also prepared a cover reveal post and sent it off to those who offered in my comments from last week. I honestly don’t know how much good a cover reveal does, but it lets me do something for Chinese New Year.

Sean is working diligently on Lisa Burton Posters for a blog tour. With that and formatting, I might be ready to go in a month. Who knows, the cover reveal might build some interest.

I visited blogs a moment ago. I commented on very few, but tried to like the posts I read. I also used the Twitter button for a bit of support.

I may return to Lanternfish tomorrow, but don’t want to hit it too hard. Sometimes I need a day for being lazy. All in all, I accomplished a lot. It just wasn’t new words. If I get enough to to send a critique sample out it will be a bonus, but I’m not targeting that.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and if you’re off tomorrow that you get to do something fun.


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40 responses to “Strange Weekend

  1. My goal this weekend was to finish closing the year for my volunteer organization. It’s always fun at this time of year, but the books are closed and the reports went out. I also finished edits for a client.

    I didn’t get any writing done, but I felt productive.

    I can’t wait for the next a Lanternfish.

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  2. Funny about the 1800-3500 words.:-) Enjoy your light-writing day tomorrow.

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  3. My Goal was stay in my pj’s, eat popcorn and watch rubbish on the television. I managed it all with great aplomb.🙄

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  4. I’m off tomorrow–hubby and I have plans to get together with friends–but I had to take a vacation day. MLKjr Day is rarely a holiday in the private sector.
    I worked through edits today and managed a single paltry scene of new material. Sent a critique section off to my CPs, and am in now in thought mode about the next chapter.

    I agree that every now and then you need a day of being lazy. Mine was yesterday.

    And remember that any word count is still progress. I’d say you’re doing good! 🙂

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  5. Editing and cover reveals and writing business is still part of writing, so I think you got a lot done. And sometimes, you just have to chill and recharge your batteries. Enjoy your Monday.

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  6. I agree with Judi. It all adds up. I take weekends off the stories but that doesn’t mean I’m not doing other writerly things like blogs, research, etc. You always seem to have something coming out so I think you’re going great!

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  7. Sounds like a lot of things are moving ahead. With the smaller word count, did something disappear?

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  8. Lazy days are perfectly fine. We all need some downtime. Enjoy the holiday!

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  9. NO holiday here, Craig, and I worked Saturday and Sunday on work stuff. I did manage to do some research and add 1000 words to my WIP so not to bad. Well done on your great weekend.

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  10. Weird about the word count. Hope it was that you sent out a larger piece than you thought last time, and not missing words.

    Sounds like a pretty productive weekend, even if not many new words happened. These other authorly tasks have to get done though, and a bit of a lazy day from time to time is always welcome.

    Even if the cover reveal posts don’t do much, at least they mean your new book is being put in front of people who might not have otherwise noticed it existed, and maybe they’ll be interested enough to watch for it being released. You never know, and can but hope.

    Since my writing is my day job, I’m trying to remember to step back from it on the weekends (unless one of those, “I have to write this now,” moments happens, and I feel like I need to answer the call of the muse, because I’m not about to let one of those moments slip by if I can help it) and limit my time online too. So my goal for the weekend involved DVD watching, pet playtime, and relaxation. I didn’t do much of the DVD watching, but did plenty of the other two things, so I’m calling it a successful weekend, even if it was far from being productive.

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    • It would be so cool to get to write full time. I don’t think I could ever pay my bills that way. I figure a cover reveal can’t hurt, and it’s pretty close to the release date. It isn’t like I’m six months out or anything.

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      • I’m glad to be able to consider writing my full time job, but it’s not as glammeerous as it sounds. At least, not in my case, where it’s health issues that make a traditional job tricky for me to say the least, rather than amazing book sales ,so my income coming from other sources, that allows me to consider writing my full time job. Would be better if I wasn’t battling an irregular sleep schedule, as well as people who consider being home all day to mean I’m free all day, or think the answer to, “I’m writing,” is, “Good, so you’re not busy.”

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  11. Sounds like a productive weekend, Craig. Enjoy your day! 🙂

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  12. Wishing you a productive day, Craig – and you know my blog is always open to you for cover reveals or anything else.

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  13. D.L. Finn, Author

    You moved forward. So that’s always good! I was on clean up this weekend after grinding off a quarter inch on a quartz counter in the kitchen. It’s amazing the places that fine dust can travel. Have a great week!

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  14. Sounds like a successful weekend, Craig. I spent the weekend on Caddo Lake with my best friend celebrating her birthday, so I accomplished nothing authorly. ::) Here’s to a great week ahead!

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  15. Sigh. I feel, umm, lazy compared to you. This week, especially. Oof. The weekend was full, but not productive. Today was rotten and it’s just past 9 and I’m sleepy.
    I’m pleased for you and the weird weekend, tho. Truly.

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