Sometimes you just have to update

It’s Wednesday, and there isn’t anything real sexy to talk about. I’ve been working, and trying to read a chapter of Grinders here and there. This phase always convinces me what a hack I am.

I know some other authors who feel the same way, so it isn’t just me. It was all so cool when I was creating this world, and now I’m questioning everything. This isn’t my first book, and I won’t let it stop me.

I got my W-2, so yay for the Internal Revenue Service.

Otto is a mess right now. Nothing too Earth shattering with him, just a lot of little things. The fold on his face is inflamed, and we’re putting cream on it. That usually clears everything up. He’s also had an ear problem. We have drops for that, and it usually clears that issue up.

His feet are driving him crazy, and this time the little wipies aren’t doing anything for him. Today, when Old What’s Her Face came home from work, there was blood all over the place.

The blood is from his tail, and there’s a big welt there. Otto’s never had a tail problem before, but his sister has. We have some stuff we can try. It looks more like a wound than something that got infected. There is a hell of a welt there, though. Something might have bit him while we were at work. (Looks at Frankie.)

I decided it was time for an Epsom Salts soak, at least for his feet. While I kept his feet soaking, my wife used a rag and soaked his little tail.

There really doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with him, and he played ball like a madman tonight. When everything dries, we have a steroid powder they gave us when Frankie had a tail infection. We’ll add some of that before bed time.

Still a good boy

In book news, I’m going to miss my first deadline of the year. I really wanted to release Grinders sometime around Chinese New Year. It probably won’t matter to the book buying public, but I’m year of the rat. This year will be year of the rat. Also there is a scene in the book that involves the parade in San Francisco, where it is also year of the rat. Aside from that, there are rats who play a pivotal role in the story.

All sounded good, except the new year doesn’t start in February this time. It’s next weekend. Those darned lunar calendars.

I still have to finish my final pass, get the MS to my formatter, and I don’t have my Lisa Burton posters yet. I did get a cover just the other day. It looks like I can salvage a cover-reveal kind of post for Chinese New Year. I can talk about the story a bit, and some friends offered to host me if I take it that far.

As the work week ends, we’ll be keeping an eye on Otto. He may have to go see the vet this time. I’ll work on my final pass for Grinders, and probably write something for the cover-reveal. There ought to be enough time to add a few words to HMS Lanternfish, too.

At least that’s how I’m approaching the weekend. Sometimes the best laid plans of rats and men oft go astray. Bring on the weekend.


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58 responses to “Sometimes you just have to update

  1. Poor Otto. Glad he’s getting lots of TLC. It’s a bummer about missing your deadline, but it’s no good to rush a book. Never ends well. If you want to reveal your cover on my blog, let me know. You’re always welcome. Have a great weekend.

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    • At least I’m the one setting the deadlines. I can chew myself out later for missing one. Don’t know what I’ll do about the cover. I was hoping to write one post. I suppose a few people could host the same one. I want to hold some info back for a blog tour once it publishes.

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  2. Hope Otto is doing fine by the weekend. This post reminds me that I really need to follow up in my W-2 stuff. Taxes are going to be interesting this year.

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  3. Having dogs really is just like having children, Craig. Reading this, I must be honest, I am glad we don’t have any. My sons are more than enough trouble especially at this time of year when the schools start.

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  4. Poor puppy! I hope he feels better soon, though it’s reassuring he still wants to play. Tax time- now there’s a dirty thought.

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  5. Poor Otto, hope all the TLC and remedies will help him do better fast. Good luck on your book and try not to stress to much about deadlines.

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  6. Poor Otto. Hope he heals up quickly, and stays his happy playful self through treatment.

    Shame about the book release date. Like you said though, you can always kick off pre-release promotional stuff like cover reveals for the Chinese New Year instead. Speaking of: if you need a post spot somewhere different, my offer still stands. Either way, I’ll share any posts I spot for it, and grab a copy of the book when it’s out.

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  7. The year of the rat is all year, so plenty of opportunities to tie into the connection, Craig. Hope poor Otto heals quickly!
    BTW… We’re here if you need us!

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  8. I love what you did with ‘of *rats* and men’! I think a general cover reveal splash for the new year will be great. You know my blog is always open. Best of luck with it all, Craig, and hugs to poor Otto from me 🙂

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  9. Aw, poor Otto. He’s still a cutie! Silly lunar calendar. Best of luck getting the book ready.

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  10. Hope Otto is doing better – still, it’s a good sign he’s playing. And we all have doubts about our writing. Everything will be fine.

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  11. Otto is in good hands. I hope all that attention and pampering makes a difference and he heals quickly. It’s a very good sign he’s playing and happy. I had to chuckle at the photo. With that ring in his mouth he looks like he could be a door knocker, LOL. He so’s stately looking. What a handsome lad!

    I’m looking forward to the release of Grinders, even delayed a bit. I think a cover reveal is a good compromise for the timing you wanted.

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  12. D.L. Finn, Author

    I hope Otto heals up fast! My grandson is a rat, too:) Books always seem to have a mind of their own.

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  13. OMG poor Otto. I certainly hope he is okay.

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  14. I don’t know whether to be comforted or scared to hear of such a prolific author as yourself still having doubts about his writing. I’d hoped that might melt away after the first or second book, but apparently not. Something to look forward to with every book by the sounds of it.

    Poor Otto. I hope his little ailments get on the mend soon – it’s heartbreaking when our fur babies have ouchies and they don’t understand why we can’t magically fix it for them. Hugs to Otto.

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  15. Hoping all works out for Otto. My former boss had a French Bulldog that had tons of skin problems.

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  16. Poor Otto! I hope he heals up quickly!!

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  17. Poor old Otto. Hope he feels better soon.

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  18. Oh my goodness! Poor Otto! I do hope everything heals up quickly! Don’t worry about missing your target of releasing Grinders on the Chinese New Year. As you say, it’s the perfect time for a cover reveal and a little blurb and hype about it. All’s good!

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  19. When our dog gets itchy feet, we use an iodine solution soak for a couple of minutes. Sometimes we repeat it for another day or two. Has always fixed the problem. Just make sure to wipe/wash off the iodine before letting the dog back in the house, or you could get stained carpets.

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  20. Gosh, poor Otto! He’s really goin through it! Glad his spirits are still up. I hope it all clears up and the vet won’t be necessary.
    Sorry about your deadline, but I dig the vibe of a Year of Rat motif!

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  21. Poor cute Otto! I hope he’s doing much better now. When I started the soap making as a business, I also started experimenting with making various salves / home remedies, and I found some good recipes that are pet-friendly. Maybe I should send you some. 🙂

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