Some weekends are like that…

This is my short weekend based upon the flex schedule at work. Because of that, I made limited plans and seemed to have accomplished those.

My only real goal was to tune up a section of HMS Lanternfish, and it needed some serious tuning. It was full of autocorrect and “it’s” kind of mistakes. My group looked it over, and I found some additional ones while I was working on their suggestions.

I just get typing along and these things happen. My big problem is that I can’t see them in my own work. I must have gone over this three times before I shared it. The work is much tighter now, and vastly improved.

That is the only thing I had planned. Tomorrow is the day I call my parents and I usually veg a bit on Sundays.

Next weekend, my flex schedule plays to my advantage. I wind up with a four day weekend, and ought to get some new words then.

I need to finish reading a book I started a long time ago, then I really ought to start word searches and the final read through on Grinders. Sean will deliver the cover art in no time now.

We managed a nice date night at a new place in Eagle. This is only about ten highway miles from town, and it was pretty good.

In other news, Otto and Frankie got new tennis balls. There’s been a whole lot of ball playing going on around here.


We buy him the oversized ones, because his mouth is so damned big. Frankie gets ones that are smaller than tennis players use.

My daughter texted while we were at supper. She is pretty highly ranked at the airport, and graduated from beauty school several years ago. The fire department is going to pay her to do some theatrical makeup simulating a plane crash at the airport. This is a training exercise and she’s pretty jazzed about it. She never said if she was participating in the exercise, but she’s going to do all of their makeup. I think that’s pretty cool.

There you have it. Not a lot going on for me personally, but it accomplishes a blog update.


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25 responses to “Some weekends are like that…

  1. Excellent and congratulations to your daughter good luck to her.

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  2. Enjoy the vegging. Sounds like a really cool gig for your daughter. What’s highly ranked at the airport?

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  3. Sounds like a great weekend–a little work and a lot of fun. A great balance sometimes. Hope the words flow next weekend:)

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  4. Your daughter’s airport simulation sounds like a lot of fun.

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  5. How cool for your daughter’s opportunity! You have a built-in source if you ever decide to do a make-over. 🙂 Love the photo of Otto. Yep, that’s a big mouth! Enjoy your week ahead!

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  6. It’s always good to get more of that one commodity- time. I hope you get a lot accomplished. I bet Frankie’s gonna have a ball. Haha. Great post!

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  7. I was just thinking how big the tennis ball looked before you explained it, lol.

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  8. You accomplished what you wanted to do. That’s a good start.
    I did some not for me work, but finished that. I did get my dinner prep done for the week. So a small goal, but one to move my WIP along.

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  9. I find it hard to spot those kind of mistakes in my own work too. I think it’s because we spend so much time looking at our own work we become blind to those things.
    That tennis ball sure looks tasty….

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  10. Damyanti Biswas

    Auto-correct can be so irritating most of the times. At least you got things done, including ball playing!

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  11. Great you got some work done on your book, even if it wasn’t really words added. It all counts towards that final version.

    My dogs go through a lot of balls. I can’t get the really big ones, because their mouths aren’t big enough for them, but the normal and small sized ones are easily chewed, and both dogs are terrible for toy destruction. Still, at least it’s only toys they chew as a rule these days.

    Awesome about your daughter’s oppertunity. That’s really great for her.

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