All over the place today

Old What’s Her Face is off this weekend, so I did what I could. Things were pretty calm this morning so I added words to HMS Lanternfish. I didn’t track it, but it feels like about 2000 words.

Part of this was coming down from the action scene I wrote Wednesday. My crew, particularly the captain, needs time to process, and in this case heal. Those bits always take me longer to write.

Then I added a few root monster antics, because they’ve been fairly quiet for a chapter or two. It worked out kind of cool, because it led into a scene involving St. Elmo’s fire at the top of the main mast.

Since this is fantasy, a rare natural phenomenon isn’t good enough. It brought James a vision, and it’s going to let me reveal some cool things. I just haven’t written all of that yet.

Basically, it involved the king of Saphelon discussing the arrival of the Fulminites on their continent. James’s father started the first war on behalf of this king, but that’s not in the history books. The books make the current enemy, Hollish, appear to be the aggressors. The fun part is that it was James’s father who brought the Fulminites to this part of the world. When I write that out, maybe that’s why he fled with his young son to a safer area.

I also got to add a minor sea creature, and that helps with world building. Then another root monster earned a name.

Beyond that, I had my final critiques for Grinders to deal with. I spent a few hours tweaking this story, and am basically finished. I’ll take it out in January and give it a complete read over before publishing. I think you guys are going to like it.

Tonight, I sent an email to Sean Harrington about cover art and Lisa Burton posters. Grinders is a stand alone book, and was one of my side projects over the summer. I hope to release it about the time the snow melts.

In other news, we have our Star Wars tickets for the 21st. We’ve also been digging The Mandalorian on Disney+. Just listen to this theme. You have to give it a few, because the intro is long.

When I close my eyes and listen, I get a visual of Serang walking down the dock toward some unseen enemy whilst twirling her guandao slowly. It has a throwback sound to it that reminds me of Ennio Morricone.

Aside from this, Apple has yet another update. This one screwed up WordPress for me. Now everything I do, it tries to force me into the app. Don’t get me wrong, the app does some great things, but reading and commenting on blogs isn’t one of them. I have a way to force it all to work in Safari, but don’t think I should have to. Why does it seem like any upgrade only seems to break things that worked fine before? It seems to be that way for all apps, and platforms.

I doubt much, if any, progress is happening tomorrow, but my flex day is Monday. I kind of expect to move Lanternfish ahead on Monday.

Hope all of you are having a great weekend. It’s time for a nice vanilla porter and an older Star Wars movie.


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27 responses to “All over the place today

  1. Sounds like a busy time. I dread those updates because I know something is going to go wrong afterwards.

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  2. Writing progress and Star Wars… Sounds great to me!

    I hate whenever there’s an update. It changes things, so I have to figure out how to do them all over again. It also often breaks the coding that enables JAWS (my screen reader) to recognize what things do, which makes things even more complicated than they already are until the next JAWS update (which often means the next time I can afford to upgrade JAWS, since most of those updates don’t come free – totally unfair considering how much the thing cost to start with).

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  3. I am having trouble with Safari as well. On most blogs I can’t like. I have to sign in to post a comment as well. I don’t have this problem on my PC. I have tried new settings for each blog and making sure the prevent cross tracking button is unchecked. What do you do to make it work?

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  4. Yep! I agree about updates. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, is my motto. Congrats on the word count. Sounds like the story is coming along nicely! And congrats on having another new book to release! Way to go!

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  5. D.L. Finn, Author

    I’m getting to the point I don’t like to update anymore. Sounds like you got a lot done. Always happy to hear updates in the root monsters. Good music, I’m sure I’ll see the new Star Wars at some point.

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  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend day to me! A little writing, a little family time, and a good movie. Hope you get a lot done on Monday. I finally got plot points done for my 6th Jazzi book, so I can go back to work on my two other books on Monday, and I’m ready.

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  7. Most updates are so bad, I don’t know WHYYY they do them!
    Good job writing. I sure hope you’re balancing in some leisure today 😉

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  8. Really cool writing! Apple does some strange things. Sometimes good. Sometimes not. Haha. Great post and looking forward to updates on your writing journey!

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  9. Congrats on all your writing progress. I liked hearing that a new root monster was named. 🙂

    Definitely great music for The Mandalorian. I haven’t seen any of it, but I keep seeing it advertised. I agree with you about the WP app. It’s cumbersome to use when you’re trying to leave comments. I’d much rather be in Safari.

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  10. Got my Star Wars tix also for 12/24! I haven’t gotten to The Mandalorian yet, but it’s on the list.

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