Review: Viral Blues #TuesdayBookShare

Viral Blues gets a bit of love today. It’s still a new book, and I hope some of you will check this out. Joan is an excellent author and you should check out her wares while you’re over there.

Joan Hall

During October’s Something Wicked Tour, you heard from C. S. Boyack’s spokesperson, Lisa Burton about his latest release, Viral Blues. Having read and enjoyed The Hat, I was eager to read this one and learn more about the adventures of Lizzie and The Hat.


Someone knows about the hat. The creature from another dimension that helps Lizzie fight against the creatures of darkness.

They are summoned to a cryptic meeting with a secret society, where they meet other people with enhanced skills. It turns out someone, or something, has been tampering with the world’s vaccine supply. The goal doesn’t appear to be political or financial, but biblical pestilence.

Can this group of loners come together in time to make a difference when even the proper authorities are obstacles?

Check out Viral Blues, for your dose of paranormal adventure, with a strong sample of dark humor. And in…

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11 responses to “Review: Viral Blues #TuesdayBookShare

  1. Great review. Congrats, Craig! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing this here today and for your lovely comments about my writing.

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  3. Great, well-deserved review. I enjoyed it quite a bit myself.

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