Could have been worse…

Maybe this is an age thing, but I think I’ve always loved definitive answers. Even back in my younger days, I thought “no” was a great answer, because it allowed me to forge ahead. It’s that hemming and hawing that drives me crazy.

Maybe this is why I hated the submission process when I was trying to attract traditional publishers. The old, “No response means no” thing does not work for me. No is fine, but tell me that so I can move on.

Today it is about something very different, but I find myself in the same circumstance. To explain it, this photo will help.

That’s a picture of Frankie’s right wrist. I spotted the lump a month ago. Then I did some research. This is what bone cancer looks like, only it isn’t. Bone cancer is one of the worst things that can happen to a dog. They amputate, then the dog fades slowly, and dies anyway.

When we took Otto for his vaccinations, I showed this to Dr. Sessions. She felt it, and asked some questions. She did not think it would turn out to be bone cancer, but thought she should X-ray it to be sure.

Her positive thoughts were that Frankie is only two. She’s extremely active, and bone cancer hurts.

We decided we will not put Frankie through all that. Bulldogs don’t do well on three legs like other dogs can. If she’s happy, we’d let her be happy as long as possible.

We’re not wealthy by a long shot, so we have to budget for these things. We scrimped this pay period so we could get this done. Whatever it is, it is not bone related. This thing is hard as a rock, but has nothing to do with the bone.

I looked at the images myself, and there isn’t even a shadow of a cyst, tumor, or anything. A smart blogger would have had an X-ray image for you.

She wants us to biopsy it anyway. The idea was to watch it for growth or leakage, but we ought to biopsy it to be safe. This means more budgeting, but we’ll get to it.

So it’s a positive outcome, but not a definitive one. It looks like her natural wrist to me, but the lump is not matched on her left side. Could be a birth defect, I suppose.

In other news, I haven’t accomplished much. Frankie has been occupying most of my mental space. Work has also been crazy this week. I owe an author friend some promotion and will try to get to that tomorrow.


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48 responses to “Could have been worse…

  1. Let’s hope it is nothing. We went to extraordinary measures to save Bailey and all we really did was extend her not so quality of life. We made her as comfortable as possible but it was not a winning situation. If I had it to do over again I would have just made her comfortable as possible until the end.

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  2. Hugs, Craig. I hope it all works out. I know about budgeting for pets. I wish I could do better and I know you do as well. Sometimes, it’s hard enough to budget for our families. These days the bills seemed to pile more and more and the actual moving ahead decreasing. Hope that makes sense.

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  3. I hope it’s nothing, Craig. It’s worrysome though. Hope it’s her natural shape as you said.

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  4. Sounds positive, but I’m like you. I like definitive answers. Hoping all goes well for her.

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  5. Like you, I hate not knowing. I’m always one who wants definitive answers too. I know you have her best interest at heart whatever the outcome. It’s highly encouraging it’s not cancerous. Watching it and monitoring it seems the most sensible course. I’ll be praying it’s nothing serious.

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  6. Sorry to hear that. Hope you’re right and it’s just her wrist. Is she having trouble walking?

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  7. Gah she’s only a baby! I understand your stress, and I too, prefer definitive answers.
    Receptionist just had a growth removed from her cat’s tail. (He’s also a baby) He had complications from being a smart ass Bengal who couldn’t leave well enough alone and no cones could stop him! lol Anyway, he ended up with a docked tail (healing now very nicely) and really, as stressful as that has been for her, it’s all been nothing compared to her waiting for that benign biopsy result. I will feel much better about it when you feel much better about it.
    In the meantime, I’m glad Frankie isn’t showing signs of being bothered by it 🙂 Do dogs get bone spurs? My lack of veterinary knowledge is astounding.

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    • They do and there is a bit of arthritis in her elbow. Bulldogs are special needs dogs from the day they’re born, it seems. There are a lot of three legged dogs around, but bulldogs are so heavy and compact that doesn’t work for them. At least it isn’t bone cancer, and that’s today’s relief.

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  8. At the other end of the worry spectrum, we have a rapidly ageing cat that is starting to look miserable. Wouldn’t it be great if they could tell us how they feel? I do hope Frankie’s bump turns out to be nothing alarming, Craig.

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  9. Hoping that all goes well with Frankie. Having pets is such a huge responsibility!

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  10. Glad it’s not cancer. That’s always a relief. Hope it’s nothing at all or something miniscule. And I’d rather know what I’m up against. Not knowing always nags at the back of your mind. Ugh. And budgeting sucks. That wears on you, too.

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  11. I’m with you: a definite answer one way or another is better than the uncertainty every time.

    I hope it turns out to be nothing, like it does seem to be. But whatever the case, I hope Frankie stays happy and active for as long as possible, which I hope will be for many more years yet.

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  12. D.L. Finn, Author

    Hope all works out well for Frankie. We had to do that for a strange lump on our dog a few months ago. The vet did think it was cancer but luckily it wasnt. Yes, those surprises are hard to budget for I agree.

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  13. Oh, I do hope that this lump turns out to be absolutely nothing. I can see where the ambiguous answers could drive you a little crazy. Keep us posted!

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  14. It’s very possible it’s nothing to worry about. But I’m with you on the need for definitive answers. Let me deal and move on. Limbo is HELL to me. Sending healing thoughts and vibes for Frankie (and your family). Good mental and physical health to you all. Hugs. 🐶❤️

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  15. All digits crossed for the wee lass.

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  16. Like you, I also need definite answers, then form a plan to deal with it. Really hoping it’s nothing to worry about.

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