In the mood for murder

Mom told me weeks ago that someone kept sending a bill for me to my old house. She bundled one of them up and forwarded it. It’s from a company called KingSize – a FULLBEAUTY brand.

I’ve never even heard of this company, and am not likely to order beauty products of any kind. Some of us are beautiful enough.

I called them today and had to play whack-a-mole with the answering service. You know the game where you have to press a button based upon several suggestions. I had to go six layers deep before I got placed on hold. I was on hold for over thirty minutes. Something like this makes a guy feel kind of stabby before even talking to someone.

The lady in the fraud department was helpful after I finally got through, and it sounds as if she’s going to take care of it. (I did not actually throw her from the roof.)

The funny thing is that I haven’t lived at that address for twenty years. They told me the phone number associated with the account is an Idaho number, but wouldn’t give me any more than the last four digits. Probably so I don’t murder someone.

That kind of thing tends to put a damper on a flex day. I wanted to accomplish something, so I opened up HMS Lanternfish.

I already have a quarter of a novel, so I just read it from the beginning. There were some major errors, so I’m glad I did. This had to do with a name I keep getting wrong. There was also a timeline I messed up. This involved a seven month timeframe that I started calling a two month timeframe for some unknown reason.

Note: I need long timeframes here, because we’re dealing with tall ships. They don’t move quite as fast as airlines, even with magical help.

What I have is good, and I’m glad I spent the time to get back into it. I never added a single word, but I’ll be ready when the opportunity presents itself. That might be a couple of weeks, just knowing what’s ahead of me. The next event takes some planning, so a few silent commutes can help with that process.

We have errands this coming weekend, then family is coming to town. If I get any writing time, it’s going to be pretty sparse.


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36 responses to “In the mood for murder

  1. Don’t you love going through a list of acrobatics before you even get to talk to someone these days? Hope the problem’s solved. And glad you got to read through your pages again. Now you’re ready to write when you find time. And enjoy the weekend and Thanksgiving:)

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    • I’d much rather get a receptionist who puts me on hold, but directs me to the right person to begin with. It was good to get back into the details of my story. It’s easy enough to remember a big picture, but the small things fade after two months.

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  2. Always fun to be sideswiped by something like that. It’s really bizarre too when you haven’t been there for so long.

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  3. Reblogged this on Where Genres Collide Traci Kenworth YA Author & Book Blogger and commented:
    Had to deal with a few bills myself this week. Hopefully, they’ve straightened things out.

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  4. I’m glad you are comfortable with your natural beauty 😛 Heh!
    I make those calls all, all, all the time. Phone menus are the bane of my existence.
    I got a call from a bill collector today. I confirmed with my husband, I don’t owe anything to anyone, so I’m glad I told her, “No, no, I don’t think I am Jolene. Good day.” Normally it’s car warranties or sweepstakes. *rolls eyes*

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  5. I managed to write 2 000 words yesterday, Craig, so I am feeling pretty happy with myself today. I love reading your posts, they are inspiring.

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  6. Glad you got through to the beauty firm, sounds like an identity scam, I hope you can sort it soon 💜💜💜

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  7. It’s amazing how things like that scam get you doing something you might of missed. Like reading your WIP and fixing the errors found Theron. All to the good. Have a good weekend and enjoy the family.💜💜

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  8. OMG, I hate hate hate those bloomin automated answering services. It’s just as well your mom can monitor mail to that address for you, otherwise the fraudsters would be getting away with it. The work on HMS Lanternfish sounds good. I’m a third of the way through book 2 on my trilogy on my current WIP, and I just had to make myself a note to go back and check the timeline: it’s 9 days in the human timeline, but I suspect I’ve covered weeks in the allien’s timeline, lol. So far, I’m keeping the names right, but it’s highly likely I will mix them up at some point! Good luck, Craig 🙂

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  9. I got annoyed with the people just reading about your runaround and hold time. Hope you have a productive weekend, Craig!

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  10. I had a similar experience with Pay Pal. They sent a payment out of an old bank account that has been closed. I had updated the records month’s ago with Pay Pal. They made the mistake and I was treated like I was trying to cheat them. Their service reps were the worst. One even hung up on me when I asked how this mistake happened. If I could have laid my hands on that rep you would be watching me on the evening news. Names kill me. I need a pro to make sure they are spelled right and are the same in the end as they were in the beginning. Best on Lanternfish.

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  11. As I’ve moved forward with my WIP, I’ve had to go back to the first few chapters to change some lead-ins as they developed. Such is the writer’s life. 🙂 Glad you got the other issue resolved. For some reason today on twitter, some posts started showing up that I hadn’t written, but they looked as if they were from me. So, I changed my password. That was weird and something that’s never happened before.

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  12. Things like that is really annoying! And taking so much energy

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  13. It’s one thing to fold space-time in SF novels but I don’t think anyone’s figured out how to do it in ‘sea-time’ 🙂

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  15. That sounds annoying. Hope it’s all sorted out now.

    Glad you got some time to work on the book, and fix some issues. Hope you get to add some new words next time.

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  16. D.L. Finn, Author

    It takes so long to get through now when you call a company
    I always dread those calls. Glad you got it resolved.

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