For my next amazing stunt…

My presentation went well, and my work week ended on a high note. The drive home was uneventful, and the wildlife all but disappeared.

I’m kind of a curmudgeon when it comes to technology. I go all in on things that interest me, but avoid other parts of it. I didn’t want to take the time pairing my phone with the company car, so I made both drives in total silence. When I take my truck, I usually have my Lizzie and The Hat playlist blasting.

Funny thing about those silent drives. This is when Lorelei the Muse joins me and we have great conversations. There is no set path, and we bounce from project to project. I came up with some neat ideas for the post-apocalyptic thing I have partially storyboarded. I have some root monster ideas for the next Lanternfish story, and may have partially solved a geographical problem I discovered. Even Lizzie and The Hat were topics and I have some ideas about them, too.

Old What’s Her Face has to work today, so I had a morning to myself. I spent the time finishing the draft of Grinders. I’m just shy of 77,000 words. I think that’s a good length for a modern-day stand-alone novel. I like the way it came out. Story threads wrapped up, and there is some hope for the future. Even the animals got a half page epilogue to give them some closure.

After the first draft of Grinders, I tried to read all the blogs I missed from my road-trip. I admit to not commenting everywhere, and some of you only got a “like” and a tweet. I’m not even going to try catching up on Twitter.

I’m sure there will be a session of paying those damned bills today. We might even squeeze in a date night of some kind.

I have a loose plan for the future, but am not committing to very much. Grinders needs to go into the fermenter for a while. I’ll probably read everything I have of HMS Lanternfish tomorrow. That will put me back in the right mindset, and help me add words when I get another flex day.

I owe a few people some reads, and may carve out time for that. Part of me wants to start another side project immediately, but it doesn’t feel right. I have a new story about Lizzie and The Hat that could fill that slot. Lanternfish has been patiently at anchor since September, and I need to move that project along. I promised a trilogy, and Serang will only keep people distracted for so long. I must release a Lanternfish story in 2020.

Serang seems to be doing well, but could always use more reviews. I never intended to push her as hard as Viral Blues, but a couple more tour posts wouldn’t hurt. Maybe I’ll dig through my list and see if there’s someone I haven’t bothered in a while to host me. I still have one fresh new Lisa Burton poster I haven’t revealed to anyone. I can use it here, but I like to send her to other sites.

My early thought is Lanternfish can fill the rest of 2019 quite well. I need to think about what kind of cover and artwork I want for Grinders, set the money aside, then contact Sean. If I do this right, it could be out at the end of Winter or early Spring. By only working on Lanternfish, I have time for budgeting, thinking, and planning out my 2020 goals.

I guess my next amazing stunt is to dial it down a bit. Lanternfish lets me keep a hand in, but there are other things on my horizon, too. Winter feels like the right time for this. Do any of you take a step back this time of year?


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25 responses to “For my next amazing stunt…

  1. What fun, having your Muse as a hitchhiker! I get lots of story ideas in our car when I turn off the music and just let my mind wander. Glad you got so many, too. You have a full plate when it comes to writing goals. Congrats. And you’re always welcome to visit my blog to plug Serang. I’m reading it now and really enjoy this book!

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  2. Reblogged this on Where Genres Collide Traci Kenworth YA Author & Book Blogger and commented:
    Usually, I’m more productive in the winter.

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  3. Sounds nice sitting in the car in silence just chatting with the muse in your head!

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  4. Glad the meeting and trip itself went well. Nice you and your muse got some quality time. I look forward to reading what you do with the ideas you guys came up with. If you still need a slot somewhere to promote anything, my offer still stands. 🙂

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  5. D.L. Finn, Author

    You have a lot of projects going. They all sound good. I haven’t slowed down yet, but I month.

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  6. Driving, washing dishes, showering… any time I don’t have a pencil and paper nearby! That’s when my muse comes to call. 🙂

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  7. Winter is the time I really get going. 😀

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  8. You and the muse are busy. I try to chill a bit and enjoy the holidays, but with a new release in February, not sure how much chilling will actually happen.

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  9. Just like the bears do, I like to hibernate some in the winter. It’s a great time to work on unfinished projects and start thinking and planning the next year. You definitely have a FULL plate! Sometimes silence is golden!

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  10. I don’t think I take a step back. More demands are made and I acquiesce. Of course, certain chores and pleasures take a back seat accordingly, but I’ll get back to whatever.
    I never set up my Bluetooth for all the jazz. Apart from music, I seldom use it and when I want those options, I can plug my phone in.

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